Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Beauty Box Five: August Box Reveal

It's that time again for this month's Beauty Box 5 reveal! 
 This month's box is a glowing nod to our last few days of summer and highlights a few must haves for us to shine on into the fall.  As a lucky member of the official BB5 review team, I receive complimentary boxes in exchange for my thoughts, and get to test drive some of the industry's top picks.  Don't be jelly.  You can get in on these fab items!
The beauty experts at BB5 select five of the beauty industry's hot items to have delivered straight to your door.  The nice thing about BB5 is the many subscription options.  You can experience enough boxes to see if it's right for you, without committing to too many.  Now that you got the run down, let's dive in!  
Nanacoco Lip Gloss
Retail: $3.99
This month I'm going to start with my favorite item!  I was so happy to see this full sized lip gloss from Nanacoco Lip Gloss.
  This Carmel Latte is a really lovely, natural looking shade with a touch of shimmer that can work with many skin tones.  It's a gorgeous choice for this time of year when you're transitioning your look from summer to fall. It's very close to a color from NYC (New York Color) that I used rock no matter what season, through my latter years of high school.  Needless to say I was heartbroken when I learned it had been discontinued.  Carmel Latte has amazing color pay off, with no stickiness and I love the glorious sheen.  The scent is a yummy mix of vanilla and caramel.
La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes
Retail: $19.99 (48 packets)
One thing I can never get enough of are face wipes.  Whether they're for general face cleansing or specifically for make up removal like La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes.  They're always great to have on hand, and these in particular proved very useful.  I've been using a new face wash that is a good treatment for my skin, but honestly doesn't remove makeup well at all.  That's where these babies came in and saved the day!  They're for all over your face and are gentle, oil free, free of parabens and do a really nice job.  I use these in sensitive areas like around my eyes to remove the left over mascara and don't ever experience irritation.   
Style Essentials Nail Polish
4 Nail Polish Collection
Retail: $7.00
Style Essentials Nail Polish is a brand that is new to me, but I really loved this polish!  It's a very deep navy- almost black- with subtle silver sparkles.  Its brush was dubbed "easy to apply" and I must admit I liked its capabilities.  It's slightly shorter and wider which allowed for better control and helped me achieve more even coverage.  I applied two coats and the color really popped.  I always apply my quick dry top coat, but this polish proved to have a pretty glossy finish on its own, as well as seemingly quick dry time.  Its definitely a brand to keep an eye out for and snag a few colors if you can.
Pur-lisse Pur Protect SPF 30 
Retail: $55.00 1.7 oz
No one out there can ever have enough sun screen and Pur-lisse Pur Protect SPF 30 was an awesome bonus.  This is ideal to toss in your purse for day to day use, or to have ready when you're caught unprepared.  I've been burned simply taking a quick al fresco lunch break, only to go inside and realize I soaked up a little more sun then I intended.    
Novex Brazilian Keratin
Retail: $19.50 2 lbs
The last item was Novex Brazilian Keratin.  It is described as an intensive treatment for all hair types to renew and reinforce strands right away.  My hair has a reputation for being unruly and quite dry so I imagine this could be a proper solution but kinda feel I need to research this one a bit before using.  Its packing is nearly all in Spanish so I can't say I'm totally informed on it just yet.  But I will state that the contents size is quite large at 1.05 oz.  If it proves to be good quality, this was certainly a good deal.
Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes?  Are you interested in BB5?

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