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Review: Nair Hair Remover Shower Power MAX

I don't think anyone really looks forward to shaving.  It can cause irritation, the effects can be less then lasting, and I sincerely hate dealing with razors.  That being said you would think I'd have already tried one of the many hair removal alternatives out there, but I haven't.  At least, not until Nair Hair Removal Shower Power MAX moseyed on into my life, courtesy of a past beautypress event.

Nair Shower Power MAX is an ultra rich cream that comes packaged in a pump bottle, and even comes with a small plug.  The end of the pump has a little cap that snaps open and closed which is a nice touch to keep from added mess.  It also provides a soft foam sponge that is flat on one side (for application) and has small ridges on the other (for the removal process).  The cream is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil & Orange Blossom (which is what sold me on trying it) and its description states: 
- Effective on Coarse Hair
- Smooth Skin Lasts Days Longer than Shaving
- Dermatologist Tested
- Specially Designed Sponge for Effective Hair Removal

When it comes to using products like these, it's wise to exercise massive caution because you don't know how your skin will react.   Considering my skin is pretty sensitive and usually on the dry side, I started with a small test area on my ankle.  Directions state to wait a full 24 hours after applying to the test area before proceeding. But after applying it in the morning, and seeing that by evening time there was still no reaction, I went ahead and started on sections of my leg.   
To be perfectly honest I wasn't expecting much and I had doubts about whether or not that little sponge would even make it through to the end of the first use. 
I started out by putting the cream onto the sponge, and then applying it too my dry skin. But I started to notice that the sponge was absorbing some of the product, and I had to squeeze it back out onto my skin so I didn't waste it.  That became annoying so I started just using my fingers to apply it, being careful not to rub it in. 
Once the application is finished, directions state you must wait one full minute before getting in the shower.  After you're in the shower, it is advised to keep the area out of the direct stream of water, and then leave on another two minutes, making sure not to exceed ten minutes.  (Confused yet?)  
Since I don't shower with a timer and could quite possibly have exceeded ten minutes, I decided to simply wait out the ten minutes outside the shower, and then go at it with the sponge.  The cream had started to dry and was already starting to disappear.  By this point I was expecting to feel some sort of sensation on my skin but there was none.  I took the ridged side of the sponge and began gently rubbing in small circles.  This was easy enough but I wasn't really able to tell if any hair was coming off.  After I felt like I had gotten the whole area, I went and rinsed it off.  The result?.....................................

Retail: $9.00 (varies)
I LOVE this stuff.  I was genuinely shocked at how well it not just removed the hair, but removed it evenly.  My skin was incredibly smooth afterwards, and it actually felt like I got a closer shave then I've ever had with a razor.  Considering my skin is sensitive, I was amazed that I hadn't felt any burning, tingling, or discomfort of any kind.  I kept going with the other sections of my leg until I had done the whole thing, and then jumped in the shower.  When I came out, I did notice a few red spots here that felt a little sensitive, but by the next morning, every one was completely gone.
Those could have appeared for any reason, my guess is it was a possible reaction with my body wash after using the Nair, my skin getting used to the Nair etc.  In any case, they disappeared completely and my skin was smooth for several days.  The Nair seemed to have slowed down the hair growth, which was huge for me.  No matter how close a shave I've had with a razor, by the next day, I'm left with no choice but to shave again anyway.  
My only critique would be the a.) the sponge and b.) its scent.  I would imagine a wash cloth would suffice just as well (plus I'm skeptical about how long the sponge can actually hold up).  I was a little sad the scent wasn't more pleasant.  I thought it would be a little sweeter but the good news is, it vanishes once you rinse the cream off anyway.
Overall, I would absolutely repurchase this and was truly pleased with the outcome.
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Have you tried this product?  How was your experience?

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