Monday, April 23, 2012

Victoria's Secret Angel

Retail $75.00

So maybe we can't all be official Victoria's Secret  Angels and adorn the iconic wings, but Victoria's Secret Angel Eau De Parfume fragrance certainly makes a girl feel "angelic" if you know what I mean.  This hot, sexy scent will make you feel as though you’re strutting your stuff down an imaginary catwalk every time you wear it.  The bottle itself is absolutely divine with a light to dark pink gradation starting at the top, a set of opaque wings on its back, and a clear, diamond shaped topper.  This fruity floral is composed of sparkling plum, violet gardenia, pink pepper and amber notes.  It’s very feminine yet has a seductive edge.  I was pleased to find that its scent was long lasting even though I had only sprayed it two or so times.  Not only does that lengthen the lifespan of the bottle, but I adored being able to catch hints of its scent as I moved throughout my day.  It has an addictive allure that draws you in and will definitely give you the confidence that every runway angel has! 

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