Monday, April 16, 2012

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

I was given this fragrance as a gift and was inspired to write about it because it’s not only divine but has become one of my favorite scents to date. Third in the Chance series, Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is a stunning fragrance that comes to life for anyone partial to a classy, fruity floral scent. Composed of iris, white musk,Virginia cedar and amber for a base, hyacinth and jasmine at its heart, and a top note of grapefruit, melon and quince. While Chanel is known for its older, mature scents: ex: Chanel No. 5, master perfumer Jacques Polge has created a fresher, more youthful scent in Chance. At first spritz you breathe a snap of a clean, brisk floral with a hint of citrus, that tapers off to become lighter and more delicate. It lasts consistently throughout the day, and has a subtle, ladylike aroma that just exudes style and sophistication. It is wearable for both daytime and evening, but I find myself trying to save it for special occasions. It is very feminine, with simple yet elegant packaging. The clear, circular bottle with silver trim around its circumference shows off the soft pink fragrance inside. With a contrasting square, opaque topper, it sits beautifully to display the exquisiteness that is Chanel.

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