Monday, April 16, 2012

Sally Hansen HD polish in Blu

YeeeOWza!! Those are some bright BLU nails my dears!  So to begin, I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen HD polish in Blu for $1.00- yes- $1.00 at a store called The Christmas Tree Shop.  (I know the name is bizarre especially since it didn’t have much to do with Christmas when I went inside) but anyway, what caught my attention was that little bottle of ever so vibrant, electric blue.  I sat down and began applying my electric blu mani, when to my dismay, the color was MUCH sheerer then I anticipated.  I dismissed it at first knowing that many polishes need that second coat to bring it to life.  Two additional coats later, I was finally able to achieve that show stopping blue that had originally caught my eye.  So all in all, it took 3 coats (not two) to get the shade displayed in the bottle and being as it isn’t exactly quick drying polish, it took a while.  While the color is fun and flirty, the fact that 3 coats are necessary will quickly shorten the bottle's life span.  Ultimately, I can’t complain since it only cost me a dollar, but had I paid the retail $5.99, I would have been disappointed particularly since Sally Hansen is a pretty reputable brand and I like many of their other products. 

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