Monday, April 30, 2012

Prom Essentials

Prom season is just around the corner and a girl can get lost in a tizzy of sparkles and up do’s as she tries to find those “must have” prom essentials!  Knowing you have the quaint essential makeup products that will make you the most beautiful woman in the world (move over Beyonce!) will make it easier to prep for your special night.  Here are some of this season’s absolute necessities:    

Stila’s new One Step Illuminate from their 2012 Summer Collection: For Radiant Light from Day to Night” is a total necessity this season.  It is a lightweight blend of 3 bronzers: pale pink, champagne and kitten.  Combined together they serve as a fantastic primer for all skin types that instantly brightens skin.  Made with vitamins A and E to minimize pores, even skin tone, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, it nourishes your skin.  I applied a small amount all over my face and found it went on extremely light and dried immediately.  As I examined my skin, I saw my cheeks were a warm pink while the rest of my face had a warm golden hue.  My skin tone was even throughout with a beautiful, sun kissed glow that I don’t think I’ve ever achieved with any other product.  It seemed to actually enhance my natural undertones and made my skin look healthy and radiant.  Retail: $36.00 at Sephora         

Once your make up is complete, the next headache is keeping it in on (ugh).  The last thing a girl wants to worry about is her perfectly done makeup melting off as she dances the night away.  Urban Decay and Skindinavia have created the all nighter Long Lasting Make up Setting Spray, which has proven to be this girl’s newest bff. Oil free and appropriate for all skin types, I found it stayed true to its name.  I carried out my daily makeup routine: primer, powder eye shadows, mascara, eye liner, bronzer, blush and lip gloss.  After I finished I closed my eyes and spritzed my face 4 times.  I felt a cool, refreshing mist with a very clean scent.  It sprayed evenly and had virtually no dry time.  Showing no mercy I put it to the test as I headed out into the rain, followed by a full day of errands and a cat nap (hey a girl needs her beauty rest!).  By the time I woke up, the only thing that needed a touch up was my hair.  My eye makeup was intact, even my blush and bronzer had survived.  A definitive prom must have, it was soothing on my sensitive skin and I plan to work this into my daily make up routine.  Retail $29.00 at Sephora

No prom look would be complete without that delicious fragrance that makes your date totally swoon.  XOXO’s Mi Amore Eau de Parfum contains notes of sugar crystals, pink raspberry, orange oil, pink jasmine, pink amber, juicy plum, fresh vanilla, and white woods.  At first glance it looks sweet and innocent in its pink and purple, heart shaped package but beware as this fruity floral takes on a life of its own.  While it has a soothing sweetness, it has a musky twist that challenges its sweet notes and gives it a totally unique dimension.  When first sprayed, its potency is strong, but tappers off leaving behind and airy breath of mystery.  Setting you apart, this intriguing scent is the final accessory to make your prom sweet and memorable. Retail around $40.00

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