Sunday, May 1, 2016

Life Stride Spring Collection

At the start of the season I got a first look at the latest spring styles from Life Stride.  No matter the shape, style, size, the brand's shoes are known for their amazing comfort.  Each pair is carefully crafted to show your feet some love, all while with keeping their look stylish and trendy.    
They combine "Cool Respond Gel" technology with memory foam to create three significant layers:
1. Cool respond gel at the heel and ball of your foot
2. Soft memory foam covers the middle
3. A Softsystem latex covers the bottom
Style: Stockard
Retail: $59.99

Style: Solace
Retail: $59.99
 Style: Star Too
Retail: $59.99
Style: Enchant
Retail: $59.99

Style: Airy
Retail: $59.99

Style: Persona
Retail: $59.99

Style: Attract 2
Retail: $59.99

 I fell in love with almost every style.  They're chic and sophisticated, and perfect for the office.  They're also great for jobs where you're on your feet a lot, but want to keep a professional, stylish appearance.   
PR kindly gifted us a pair of booties to take home, and they're one of the most comfortable pair of heels I own.  Every pair retails for $59.99 which I like because it makes it easier to budget.  Overall, it's definitely a brand I would buy from because they're affordable, elegant, and take comfort into consideration.  Beauty doesn't always have to be painful! 
Check out the whole Spring line here
Have you tried Life Stride before?  Are you a fan of one of the styles?

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