Monday, May 30, 2016

Bandelettes are the Summer Hack All Girls Should Know

 Most women aren't very vocal about their struggles with chafing, despite it being surprisingly common.  So if you're one of those quiet birds whose been secretly dreading the upcoming summer months, here's a hack you need to know. 
Bandelettes are chic looking anti- chafing thigh bands that are designed to prevent that nasty, painful rubbing.  Bandelettes' founder suffered from chafing for many years, and set out to find a solution that was stylish, yet still effective.  Worn around the upper thigh, the material acts as a buffer between the skin, and is held in place with two rows of stay up silicon. 
The brand recently invited press to an event at The Apella Lounge at the Alexandria Center in NYC where we could glimpse their various colors and styles.  Colors ranged from Black and Beige Jasmine, to White Onyx, and Red Romance (to name a few).  You can also chose from lacey styles for a sexier look, or go for the sleeker, more modest sets.  The simpler sets are great for slipping on under a pair of workout shorts before you head out for a jog.  

It was a fun filled evening that included drinks, hors d'oeuvres, festive cupcakes, and even professional ballroom dancers.  During the lively performance to Lady Gaga, the female partner wore a pair of Bandelettes underneath her costume to demo how easily they stayed in place.

You can snag a pair at  for $15.99.  Sizes range from A (S) to F (3XL) so you're bound to find a color and size to fit your needs.
Are you interested in trying Bandelettes?


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