Monday, May 30, 2016

BeautyPress Hosts Spotlight Day Event

Beauty Press recently hosted another lovely Spotlight Day event where media had the chance to meet face to face with several new brands.  

Since I'm no stranger to curly hair woes, I made a beeline for Curl Keeper; a collection of curly haired products advertised to perform 100% of the time, on every type of curl.  They're pH balanced to match our environment to our bodies which helps lead to healthier, shinier, more controllable hair.  The brand aims to target specific problems all us curly haired girls experience.  Their stand out product is the H2O Water Bottle. 
What's so special about a water bottle?  PLENTY.  One problem I always have is it takes me forever to get my thick hair wet enough so I can add product (gel, mousse etc.) to activate my curls.  The H2O Water bottle uses a special technology that allows for a continuous spray of water, making the process SO much faster. 

Naturally I had to swing by the Primp and Polish booth!  The brand offers over 1,000 colors and designs to choose from, and reps from the salon were treating guests to beautiful gel manis!  It's been almost two weeks and mone's holding up pretty well.
Created by world- renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Gerald Imber, Youth Corridor is a paraben free, advanced treatment system for preventing damage to skin, maintaining skin's health and youthful appearance, and correcting signs of age.  I love this because my skin is always on the dry side and C Boost formulas are lightweight, fast absorbing and great for under makeup.
 Jouviance is a Canadian brand that offers a range of dermatologist- developed skin care products specifically formulated for sensitive skin.  Their best seller; the 3- in-1 Anti Age is the #1 anti- aging cream in Canada.  All products are free of parabans, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, colorants and artificial fragrances.  My skin is super sensitive and I'm excited to try this out!    
Pura D'or works to help thinning hair, scalp issues, daily cleansing and conditioning.  I'm always dealing with product build up so I took home samples of the Scalp therapy Shampoo and Healing Conditioner.  They're both very gentle on my hair.  The shampoo contains a blend of aloe vera, vitamins B and E, and has a wonderful lavender and peppermint scent.  The conditioner contains lavender oil, vanilla extract, argan oil and makes my hair soo silky smooth.  The conditioner takes effect almost instantly, using just a small amount.  I have only used them a couple of times thus far, but have already seen a reduction in build up.      

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