Sunday, May 8, 2016

Review: Gosling's Original ChopSaver Lip Care

Retail: $3.99

Dan Gosling, or "the ChopSaver guy" as many call him, is a professional trumpet player and no stranger to sore lips.  His "symphony of ingredients" as he puts it, is a unique blend of natural oils and butters like shea butter, mango butter, aloe, and vitamin E.  The instant, soothing relief you feel right after applying ChopSaver, is attributed to the balm's star ingredient; Arnica (a sunflower extract), used to hep reduce swelling and brushing.   The formula is widely popular among musicians and even recommended by doctors and dermatologists.   

The consistency is ideal for ultra sensitive lips mine.  It was thick and rich, and long wearing.  It absorbed slowly so I wasn't constantly reapplying.  Despite the thickness, it still felt lightweight and didn't leave any nasty residue in the corners of my mouth.  I'm not sure whether or not the fact that it is petroleum free is what makes it non greasy, but if so, it's definitely worth noting.  

I used the Fresh Citrus stick which comes with SPF 15 and a nice fruity scent.  This one will be especially great for the upcoming summer months when I'm heading off to the beach.  I'll admit I was surprised to see how effective this turned out to be.  My lips are so tender that most balms never leave me with anything more then temporary relief, but ChopSaver actually heels.   I'd definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from dry, aching lips.

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Have you tried ChopSaver?  How was your experience?


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