Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review: Dear Clark Hair Care

Dear Clark is a high end hair care line from Texas, that I was fortunate to learn about at a past beautypress event. Created by founders Holly Dear and Kaycee Clark, the aroma therapy inspired line consists of the Resurrecting Wash, Resurrecting Rinse, Smoothing Elixir, Thickening Balm and Finishing Salve. All are handcrafted in Texas using Texas-grown ingredients. High performance natural elements in each product target stressed hair with using: Aloe Vera to moisturize, Sunflower Seed Oil to protect, and Rose of Jericho to rejuvenate.  
 After the event, I worked with samples of the Resurrecting Wash (shampoo) and Resurrecting Rinse (conditioner).  I got a "no nonsense" kind of impression from the packaging.  It was simple and modest, with very clear labeling about what each did and what they contained.  While I can appreciate some glam style packaging, sometimes it's the less flashy looking products that work the best.  I suppose that's why I should be so surprised that this pair did a really awesome job on nourishing my hair.    
Both of them had a very distinct scent.  I could detect the Rose of Jericho right away.  But the scent was soothing and was a nice bath time treat!  The consistency of both was pretty light and easy to rinse out.  The shampoo had a really good lather.  I used an amount the size of about 2-3 quarters (which may sound like a lot) but considering my hair is about halfway down my back now, it is actually not that much.       
 I liked the overall effect it had on my hair.  I didn't experience any buildup and my hair felt refreshed afterwards.  I have used aroma therapy products on my hair in the past and hated them.  Somehow they managed to dry out my hair, and cause it to become severely matted.  These were gentle and kept my hair soft.  I've even noticed a slightly glossier sheen. 

Line includes:
Dear Clark Resurrecting Wash (Price $22.00 Size 8.5 oz): Redemption for stressed hair. This soothing shampoo fragrantly revives and instantly hydrates all hair types, leaving color and keratin alone, to resurrect you and your hair. The first ingredient is Certified Organic Aloe Vera.
Dear Clark Resurrecting Rinse (Price $22.00 Size 8.5 oz): Salvation for stressed hair. This super effective, super hydrating conditioner is color safe and keratin safe to turn back time and let hair be born again. The first ingredient is Certified Organic Aloe Vera.
Dear Clark Smoothing Elixir (Price $24.00 Size 4.0 oz): Dear Clark Smoothing Elixir calms and controls willful tresses to smooth hair into submission to eliminate frizz and protect from humidity leading you down the true path to shine.
Dear Clark Thickening Balm (Price $24.00 Size 4.0 oz): Dear Clark Thickening Balm plumps, protects and shines each strand, so even the finest hair feels fuller and acts thicker than you ever thought it could, would or wanted to.
Dear Clark Finishing Salve (Price $24.00 Size 3.0 oz): Dear Clark Finishing Salve heals, seals, and saves your style to protect from heat and humidity.
Dear Clark Haircare is:
*Sulphate Free
*Paraben Free

*Cruelty Free*Gluten Free
dearclark is also the preferred haircare line on the set of  
TNT’s hit drama ‘Dallas’. Even celeb Emma Bell is a fan!
“my hair can go through the ringer with all the different looks used on the show. Using Dear Clark products has kept my hair healthy and happy. It’s incredibly important to me to support natural products as I’m a firm believer in less chemicals in beauty products. And I’m crazy about how good it smells.”- Emma Bell

Have you ever tried dearclark?  Are you interested in any of the products?

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