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I attended the opening of the RITUALS Store in downtown NYC and was pretty blown away by the soothing ambiance and luxurious products. 
Founded in Amsterdam by Raymond Cloosterman RITUALS is internationally know and is a pioneer in the luxury home and body cosmetics industry. They carry over 400 products, from nourishing creams and scented candles to facial skincare and precious mineral makeup.  Their debut products consist of an assortment of bath, body and home cosmetics, as these categories laid the initial foundation for the brand.
Each collection combines authentic Eastern traditions with modern technology and fragrances to bring balance to the mind, body and soul.  For many centuries Japan celebrates the annual falling of the Cherry Blossoms or Sakura. Cherry blossom symbolize that beauty is momentary and life must be enjoyed. It is also a symbol for the annual awakening of nature to make every day feel like a new beginning.  The "Sakura Collection" made me feel so relaxed and rejuvenated.

Zensation: An ultra-caring foam of Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom that has a delicate relaxing fragrance, which cleanses the entire body in a silky-soft way.
 Retail: $15
I LOVED this.  It is a foaming shower gel that made my skin so soft and so smooth.  The texture is super light and airy.  I expected it to kind of like shaving cream, but it is closer to the mouse that you would use in your hair.  Out of sheer curiosity I tried it for shaving.  For me it doubled nicely and didn't cause any irritation, and my skin can be very sensitive.   The scent is so sweet and just puts you at ease. 
Sakura Scrub: A body scrub specially developed to nourish and revitalize even the driest of skins for soft and glowing skin.
 Retail: $25
I am not much into scrubs because they usually feel too harsh on my sensitive skin.  But the exfoliating beads in this sugar scrub were mixed in with other ingredients like avocado oil, so it made them feel gentler on my skin.  My skin felt nourished and moisturized, rather then roughed up like after scrubs.  It is also good to have on hand to prep my skin before my next self tanning session :D

Magic Touch: A rich, whipped body cream of Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk that intensively nourishes and firms the skin.
Retail: $25
The body cream's rich texture was an amazing follow up to the scrub and shower gel.  My skin felt refreshed and smooth.  The whole experience felt like an at home spa treatment between all the lux textures and incredible scents that swirled around my bathroom.  I like that it is considered a luxury brand, but yet doesn't break the bank.  The 6.7 fl oz. tub retails for $25 and will definitely last me a while.      


Rituals Home collection is inspired by ancient Eastern traditions like feng shui and they have a variety of fabulous scents.  Candles like this Sweet Sunrise make for great gift ideas for any summer birthdays or events you have coming up, and smell AH-mazing. 

Sweet Sunrise: Enjoy the fresh aroma of Sweet Orange and the warm, soft undertones of Cedar Wood that create a special atmosphere and fragrance in your home.
Retail: $29

 Check out all the RITUALS new collections here
Available at:
All products are available at Barney’s, and the RITUALS Store at 231 Lafayette Street, NYC




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