Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review: Mosaiq

It's hard not to get excited over a yummy new candle.  I was introduced to Mosaiq at a past beautypress event through its partnership with Monthly Express.  Monthly Express is a monthly subscription that delivers high end luxury and beauty items that treat and pamper your senses, and Mosaiq was chosen to be part of their April collection.  Of all the candles I have collected in the past, Mosaiq, is certainly one of the most elegant ones I've owned. 
I light candles because I want to create an ambiance and get swept away in their delicious scents.  Mosaiq captures that desire.  Even as I sit here writing this, I can't help but breathe in the soothing fragrance of Mosaiq's Thai Basil & Sage and admire its graceful shape.  The scent is very light and clean and the beauty of this one, is that the inside looks to have a white lining inside the glass.  So as the wick burns down, it creates a warm glow inside the glass that's incredibly relaxing and very aesthetically pleasing. 

Part of what makes Mosaiq so special is its packaging.  This particular one had a unique, elaborate casing.  The box unfolded and included a section in which to write a personalized message.  Every candle is housed in hand blown glass and beautifully shaped.  As the winner of Best of Show at the New York International Gift Fair in 2013 for best new product line, Mosaiq is one to consider if you're looking for stylish décor.

Mosaiq also carries a range of body products from hand and body lotion and hand soap in an incredible array of scents like Spearmint & Cinnamon, Redcurrant, Tabac and Vanilla Bean.  My mouth waters just thinking about them.  And come August 1st, be ready as they release five brand new products: hand cream, sugar scrub, body polish, bubble bath, and moisturizing custard.  I haven't tried the body products yet, but if they're anything like their candles, expect to give your senses a treat.

Have you tried Mosaiq in the past?  Are you a candle fanatic too?


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