Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Review: Framesi Color Lover Primer 11

FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PRIMER 11  is a great leave- in treatment I discovered at a past beautypress event.  To avoid this becoming a gooey post where I gush and gush about my newest obsession, I'll put it simply: This stuff is awesome. 
It is supposed to maintain color vibrancy and repair damage.  While I don't make routine trips to the salon for color treatments, I do, however, have to deal with a lot of breakage.  Since my hair has grown so long, between the curls (and now humidity) it has become a full time job to maintain it.  The spray contains Quinoa Protein, vitamins and emollients that detangle and penetrate hair with moisture.   I use this on my hair everyday, whether it's dry or wet and the knots slip right out.  It has helped to prevent a lot of breakage, not to mention made it easier to handle.  I can wear my hair down naturally and can get away with just pulling back the top half for control.  It doesn't get as frizzy or "expand" as much as it normally would.   
Usually when products say they mend you hair's ends, I'm usually a little skeptical.  But surprisingly this one has done a pretty good job.  I did a routine check for split ends to determine when to schedule my next trim, but realized I hardly had any.  Another element I'm partial to is the scent.  It is sweet and kind of fruity which is nice for summer.  It's also good for tossing in your bag and taking to the beach because it contains UV protectants.  Final thoughts?  My hair is softer, shinier, and way healthier.  It's a win!   
  • Retain color
  • Damage repair
  • Silky & Shiny
  • Fix Frizz
  • Body
  • Mends Ends
  • Detangle
  • Style support
  • No Static
  • Thermal guard
  • Weightless
All FRAMESI COLOR LOVER  products are 100% vegan, free sulfate FREE, paraben FREE, gluten FREE, DEA FREE, and sodium chloride FREE. The products contain powerful anti-aging properties, have thermal and UV protectants, are weightless, and will not build up.
The brand also offers custom shampoo and conditioner collections such as: Volume Boost , Moisture Rich , Curl Define , and Smooth Shine.  Because I had so much success with the spray, I hope to try either the Moisture Rich or Curl Define products in the future.  

Get more info at Framesi Glamour and Facebook

Have you tried FRAMESI COLOR LOVER?  What did you think?

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