Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: TAT2U Extreme Color MakeUp

At a past beautypress event I was introduced to TAT2U Extreme Color Makeup.  The brand produces a huge range of products in vibrant colors and is widely popular for it's heavy pigmentation.  I was fortunate enough to receive some samples and I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites!

TAT2U Tiger Blush was a lovely preachy color that went well with my light skin.  It contained bits of gold glitter, (which I initially thought was just an overlay) but realized it is definitely infused with the color.  I'm not much of a glitter lover, but after application it grew on me.  The sparkles are subtle but just noticeable enough to catch some light in the sun and appears more like a shimmer.  It's a nice look for summer and creates a sun kissed effect.  The texture is smooth and velvety which made blending easy and the coverage was pretty good. This one definitely lives up to its claim of awesome pigmentation. 

As I've mentioned lately, I'm finding myself more and more impressed with the mascaras on the market.  TAT2U TAT2Lash Mascara advertises "longer, fuller, lashes" and it totally rings true.  I LOVE this mascara.  The formula is a little thick, but it didn't feel heavy or weigh down my lashes.  They stayed soft and lifted.  The applicator brush is more or less traditional, but its bristles are spaced closely together so it picks up a lot of product and made the application process pretty effortless.  I loved that this gave both length AND volume.  Many mascaras are great at one but neglect the other.  I personally didn't experience any smudging or flaking and I didn't need a can of oil to remove it.  L.O.V.E. this mascara.      

I'd definitely consider TAT2U Rock Candy Matte Lipstick  one of the creamiest lipsticks I've ever tried.  It's texture is so rich and luxe- and VERY pigmented.  It stayed on, even while eating, and proved wear well for several hours.  Of course, being that it's pink only made it more of a favorite for the season.  The matte finish helps tone down the brightness, making it a safe way to add some color without going too bold.  I've found it to be office appropriate. 

I also fell partial to their Lip Creme Extreme.  The shade I took home was Mucho Calienete, an orangey, red.  Pigmented, pigmented, PIGMENTED!  It was so vibrant that I almost wasn't sure I could pull it off.  I applied the bare minimum and had to blotted a few times to lessen the intensity.  The formula was really unique and so many words came to mind while using it.  It was as light as a feather and had this airy, marshmallow like feel too it.  It glided on during application and felt a bit like using paint.  Because it was so silky, it wasn't at all tacky or sticky.  It's perfect for nights out or summer parties. 

I'm psyched that I discovered TAT2U.  I've never worked with such amazingly pigmented products that all do what they say they going to do.  A truly great brand that I'd definitely recommend checking out.  

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