Monday, July 14, 2014

Review: Yardley London Shea Buttermilk Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Bath Bar

Retail: $1.59
Don't you love it when you wake up one morning and your skin feels surprisingly soft?  Truthfully I was a little confused when I first noticed my skin's new found smoothness, but suddenly remembered I had started using Yardley London's newest addition: Shea Buttermilk Sensitive Skin Bath Bar. 
Since I have sensitive skin, extreme seasons like winter or summer always take a toll on it, so I was eager to try this one out.  It is the brand's first natural- inspired, moisturizing bath bar that combines sensitive skin benefits with natural botanicals.  The creamy buttermilk and chamomile are intended to soothe skin, and boy do they ever. 
After showering, my skin felt refreshed, but in a different way from most other bars.  I think because it is so mild and gentle, it created this zen- like feeling on my skin.  The most impressive part was how quickly (and effectively) it worked to add moisture and rejuvenate my skin.  Within a couple days my skin was noticeably softer to the touch.  I didn't do it everyday, but I did try it on my face on and off.  I never experienced any dryness or irritation.  One thing I would mention is that this might be a good alternative to use should you fall victim to a pesky summer burn.  It seems so mild that I don't see it agitating like some washes will do.    
The scent is sweet with a light hint of chamomile that I found very pleasant.  A clean, "fresh out the shower" kind of fragrance that is so perfect for summer!
Advertised as good for all skin types its benefits include:
- Extra gentle/ Dermatologist tested
- Allergy tested
- Lightly scented
- Free of Synthetic Dyes
- Paraban Free
Available at:
Rite Aid

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