Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beauty Box Five: July Box Reveal

Hello my darlings, it's time for this month's Beauty Box 5 reveal! 
 The theme of this month's box was "Defining Moments" and celebrating the amazing events that have made you the fabulous you that you are today :)  I feel really fortunate to be a part of the official BB5 review team, which means I receive complimentary boxes in exchange for my thoughts, and get to tryout some of the industry's top picks.  The beauty experts behind BB5 select five of the beauty industry's hot items and send them straight to your door.  The nice thing about BB5 is the many subscription options.  You can experience enough boxes to see if it's right for you, without committing to too many.  Now that you got the run down... let's get into the good stuff!  
  HASK Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment
Retail: $2.49
Put simply, you can never have enough Argan oil I your life.  It is a great thirst quencher for dry, damaged hair and helps to  add shine and restore life into dull hair.  Exactly what this girl's mane always needs! 

Retail: $ 10.99 4 fl oz.
Named a favorite of all- natural beauty devotees and expecting mamas, it is a vegan scrub infused with moisturizing botanicals.  It contains no parabans, harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.  I have never tried Anna Naturals before, but I can tell you this smells delicious.  It's a light citrus scent and has a gorgeous texture.  The exfoliating beads are quite small so they don't irritate, and the cream they're in is so luxe and rich.  My skin felt soo soft and moisturized after.

Body Drench Candy Licious Lips
Retail: $ 3.99
I'm forever stocking up on chap sticks and balms so I was happy to see this!  While I haven't always been too impressed with Body Drench in the past- I love this balm.  The texture is nice and rich so it coats your lips and really soothes them.  The "Grape Lillipop" name rings true to its scent.  I happen to like grape so for me it's a win.  Typically, I pass over these super slim balms because they never last me very long.  I can devour one of these in two weeks because I reapply so obsessively.  But this one has a slightly thicker texture then most, which so far seems to last longer on my lips, keeping me from feeling like I constantly need to reapply.  

Starlooks Lip Liner was one of those products that at first glance, didn't impress me much.  When I removed the cap, the point was a little dull and kind of dry looking.  For some reason I was expecting to experience dragging and lousy color pay off.  But that soo wasn't the case.  Startlooks "Tickle Me Pink" is actually a gorgeous shade that had a super creamy texture.  It is surprisingly pigmented and the color pay off is pretty good.  Sometimes I will line my lips, then decide to just fill them in completely with the pencil and, even though this is a thin tip, it is great for that because it just glides on.  The look is matte and it's a pretty shade for summer.

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara
Retail: $7.99

And now for the bell of the ball!  I was so excited to see Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara was going to be in this month's box.  I'm all about new mascaras these days and I was anticipating this one.  First word that came to mind while using it: Lightweight.  Very, very lightweight.  The formula AND the bottle.  (I took notice of it's.24 fl oz. which seems to be on the lighter side then my other mascaras).  It advertises length and volume but sadly, I didn't see too much of either.  The brush is pretty standard with traditional style bristles.  No hour glass shape or rubber applicator.  It isn't a bad mascara, just nothing spectacular.  It didn't flake off or clump or cause my lashes to droop, but I didn't see the "bold" effect I hoped for.  My lashes are long, but not full, so I was disappointed to see it didn't even give me the volume.  It is nice for day to day wear or running out for errands, but it won't do much if you're looking for some serious "look at me" lashes.   Ah well <sigh>.  On to the next one!
Do you subscribe to Beauty Box 5?  Are you interested in subscribing?

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