Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery Treatment™

If you're familiar with my past posts you may recall me raving about a brand I was introduced to called Miss Jessie's.  And why was I raving about?  Well, simply put, it is a curly haired girl's dream come true.  The entire brand is centered around catering to the needs of those with wavy, curly and kinky locks of various textures.  Curly haired ladies out there know just how much work it can be to maintain strong, healthy, manageable curls without the proper products. 
Founded by sisters Miko and Titi Branch, Miss Jessie's products came to light in 2004 and their salon in Soho Manhattan has become widely known for their curly hair styling expertise. 
I was fortunate enough to meet the sisters in the past, and after a quick evaluation, they recommended I try the Rapid Recovery Treatment™
 A quick run down of my hair:
- Ultra thick and slightly coarse
- Extremely wavy roots that turn in to tight ringlets
- Usually on the drier side of the spectrum
Retail: $18.00  8 oz.
Rapid Recovery Treatment™ is an intense weekly deep treatment designed to help restore hairs moisture and elasticity from week to week, and is ideal for damaged or dry hair with tight curls.  This had my name all over it.  It contains shea butter and avocado cream oil to help give it shine and smooth out your curls for a sleeker look. 
Directions: Once weekly scoop out a golf ball sized dollop in your hand. Smooth onto damp curls section by section from the root downward. Run a wide tooth comb through your hair to detangle. Leave in for at least 10 minutes, and then rinse out.

When trying this out, I applied it first when getting in the shower, combed it through, and then when I was done with everything else, I rinsed it out.  First thing I noticed was how it instantly detangled my hair.  The knots slipped right out and combing it through was a breeze.  The texture felt a little odd at first, almost like a lose wax, but also rich and silky.  The scent was addicting.  The shea butter is pretty evident but not overpowering.  If you like light, sweet fragrances you will enjoy this.  It doesn't linger long, but smells really refreshing while it's in your hair. 
One thing in particular that I liked was how it helped restore some life into my ends.   My hair has been in desperate need of a trim (which I am getting this weekend) and on the in between days, I starting applying a little soley to my ends to help maintain their strength.  I pull my hair up often and my hair usually suffers a lot of breakage because of it.  This helped add a little moisture which gave it strength to withstand the styling.  But ultimately it improved the overall appearance of my hair.  It was softer and healthier looking, rather then dull and tired.  It may seem a little pricey ranging from $9.00- $32.00 depending on its size, but the consolation is that you can make a little go a long way. 
Check out the Miss Jessie's Salon here
Do you have curly haired woes?? Does this sound like a product you might want to try?

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