Monday, January 6, 2014

Review: Hamadi Organics Shea Spray

I received a complimentary sample of Hamadi Organics Shea Spray at a past beautypress event and my locks have been indulging in it ever since! 
Its a lightweight spray that has been great at smoothing frizz and softening my coarse hair.  The Shea butter extract and avocado oil helps to condition your hair, while rosewood, ylang ylang, and clary sage work to smooth it and add shine.  It has a very distinct herbal scent.  Which if you aren't a fan of, not to worry.  It fades after a minute or so and didn't seem to linger.  I've come to rely on this product a lot lately because my hair has been getting longer (yay!), and this has proved to work wonders at detangling it. 
Retail: $19.00
Directions say apply it to wet hair and blow out for a frizz free do, or apply to dry hair for a quick fix and see a reduction in frizz.  Generally I never bother to blow out my hair, so when I applied it over wet hair I let it dry naturally.  But whether I used it on wet or dry hair, I experienced effective results. I found myself more concerned with using it for its treatment benefits (like spritzing it on before bed for extra nourishment) rather then as a style aide.  
I love that it's improved the overall look and feel of my hair.  Because my frizz has diminished, my hair is easier to manage and I've even worn it naturally without the help of any styling products.  (A touch of hair spray was still needed to tame a few fly aways and control my wavy roots) but I liked being able to give my hair a break from the heat and excessive products.  Overall my hair appears healthier, and my color is even a little brighter.  
It advertises as good for all hair types and I feel like it is especially good for those with unruly curls or outrageously thick locks to help with manageability and dryness.  You will probably need to incorporate a styling product for hold (in case humidity or a rainstorm hits) but ultimately it will help to restore dull hair and give it a healthier appearance.  
*Note* Shea Spray is also safe for color treated hair
Have you ever tried Hamadi Organics?  What is your favorite product? 

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