Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Firmoo Glasses

I've always had near perfect vision my whole life, and while this is going to sound silly, I actually used to want glasses.  When I was growing up, many of my friends had them and in some strange way, I guess I felt like I was missing out on something (crazy right?).  Now that I'm older and know the importance of it, I wouldn't trade my good vision for the world, but I still marvel at how sophisticated a person can look with a really chic pair of glasses.  And today, glasses have become more then a necessity for one's vision, they've waltzed their way right into the world of fashion! 
When invited me to sample a pair of glasses from their website, I couldn't resist.  I chose a pair of fashion glasses (no prescription) with black, rectangular frames and a cheeky camouflage print on the insides. They're fun, super stylish and beyond adorable. 

The site is easy to navigate and gives you simple instructions on how to select a pair, making the process quick and painless.  They arrived promptly (less then a week), and came in a sleek black case with the Firmoo logo on top and a soft cleaning cloth inside.  They also came with a convenient black vinyl carrying case and screw tightener to have on hand for emergencies.

I loved the look and feel of these frames.  They were sturdy and lightweight at the same time.  It seemed as though many of the glasses were unisex, so mine were just a tad too big.  But overall I've enjoyed wearing them.  The selection is slightly limited, but it is definitely a quality selection that is worth the money.  If you are looking for glasses whether be it for necessity, or purely fashion, Firmoo is a fabulous site to check out.   

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