Sunday, February 10, 2013

First Look: Redken for Victoria Beckham NYFW Fall/Winter 2013

Redken Creative Consultant Guido created a sexy, glossy low ponytail for the Fall 2013 Victoria Beckham show at the New York Public Library this morning. The look complemented the designer's very luxurious, designed collection, adding another dimension and "breathing a little fresh air" into the otherwise very tailored look as a whole.
"This style is meant to look very easy, almost accidental, but note the emphasis is on the texture- I wanted it to look really drenched in shine, not quite totally wet, but almost. I in fact put as much thought into creating a simple look like this as I do with more complicated ones; it's all about the nuances, like the texture. This is the kind of glossy texture many designers want to see right now when they want shine, it's not the super shiny blown-out red carpet look, it's more subtle and casual. Not to say a more traditional shiny hair look isn't also a good look, it's just important for women to have options, and this shiny texture is another great idea to add to a low pony."

-Guido, Redken Creative Consultant
Get the Look:

1. Start by blow-drying hair with your fingers, not a brush, dragging fingers through as you dry so that the end result is straight but not perfect and retains a natural texture.
2. When dry, apply Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine (launching May 1st) from lengths to ends, adding a few drops into your palm (number of drops depending on hair length & thickness) and then emulsifying in your hands and applying all over.
3. For an extra glossy finish, next apply shine flash 02 glistening mist all over.
4. Finally, gather hair into a loose low pony with a messy, undefined side part. Pull out some pieces around the face and leave one ear exposed.
*Guido used Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine on the models today to create extra gloss on the runway. There are two versions: Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine is for medium hair textures, and the other Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense is for thicker textures.

Photos by Charles Sykes for Redken

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