Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Simple Sensitive Skin Experts Refreshing Facial Wash

I received a bag of free samples form a RiteAid grand opening and in it was a 1.7 oz bottle of Simple Sensitive Skin Experts; Refreshing Facial Gel Wash.  To put it simply, I LOVE this product. 
I feel fortunate to have discovered it because products like this don't come along too often and if they do they're usually pretty pricey.  I took one look at it's cute green packaging and expected it to have some type of fruity scent, but after several whiffs I realized it had none.   It's contents is a clear gel that contains no soap, no dyes, no irritants and no perfumes.  It was incredibly gentle on my sensitive skin and I kid not when I say you need only a drop when using it.  The lather is really strong and removed all of my make up with no problem.   
What I really appreciate is how forgiving it is to your skin.  Sometimes I end up washing my face more then twice a day (like if I go to the gym mid-day and then wash it again before bed).  This is strong enough to remove dirt and sweat, but keeps from irritating and drying out my skin.  It has Pro Vitamin B5 that helps revitalize and restore a healthy complexion.     
I definitely plan to try more products from this line, especially a moisturizer.  If the wash is this good, I am hoping for at least equal success with the moisturizers... Stay tuned to find out!
Retail: $6.99
Available at:
Do you have sensitive skin and use this line?  Do you have a favorite from the line? 


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  1. Love your blog!!! Very pretty and so much fun to go through!!! I followed you back. Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Yep, great product and great post. Thanks for sharing x

  3. I have see this product at the drug store was tempted to try it, I am glad to see a good review about it maybe next time I will give it a try.


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