Thursday, November 1, 2012

e.o.s. Shave Cream

A while back I mentioned I snagged a bottle of e.o.s 's Shave Cream in Pomegranate Raspberry on sale for just $4.50.  I'll admit couldn't resist the adorable hot pink packaging, but as a fan of the e.o.s lip balms, I was sure this was a great buy.    
It comes in a 7 fl oz pump bottle with a sweet, fruity scent and creamy, lotion- like consistency.  It's jam packed with moisturizers like natural Shea butter and aloe for sensitive skin and it's formula allows for wet or dry shaves.   It also aims to help prevent painful nicks or cuts.   
Personally, I have mixed feelings about this product.  At first I had really liked it but after a few more uses I was wondering if I had spoke too soon.  I used it primarily for wet shaves (my preference) and noticed it's contents were rapidly depleting.  It wasn't that it was necessarily washing off down the drain, but it's important to remember it's texture does not lather.  I was using 2 full pumps per leg and I found that when used wet, it was difficult to spread evenly over my wet skin, causing me to miss spots. 

When I tried it dry, however, it was a completely different story.  I was able to use a much smaller amount, it spread it easily, and finish in minutes.  None the less, dry shaves still aren't for me.  I just feel they don't get me a close enough shave, and because I continuously used it wet, I didn't exactly reap any of it's moisturizing benefits.  Since you rinse off the excess in the shower, it never has a chance to fully absorb.  As opposed to when you apply it dry and simply rub the excess into your skin like a moisturizer. 
Despite using it dry or wet, I still had a few nicks here and there.  One issue I ran into was an irritation after using it on my under arms.  They began to itch profusely and since I hadn't switched deodorants I'm left to believe it was the cream.   
 Ultimately I wasn't super impressed and don't plan to buy it again (even if it is on sale) as it's better designed for dry shaves.  I so wanted to like this product but it just wasn't for me.  I still believe in e.o.s. products though and will continue to try more in the future.


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