Thursday, November 15, 2012

Beautiful Curls for all Curly Haired Beauties

During my recent sweep of the empties cluttering up my bathroom, I stumbled upon an old stash of hair products I had set aside from many moons ago.  My new found collection of Beautiful Curls Curly to Kinky Hair products included the Shea Butter Curl Activating Leave in Conditioner, Shea Butter Sculpting Wax and Shea Butter Hydrating Curl Oil.   
I decided to give my locks some immediate TLC and jumped right in with the oil treatment.  I applied some about the size of a quarter to my hair dry(and mind you I have alot of hair).  I started at my scalp, skipping to my ends, then worked the rest into the middle of my strands, leaving it on for 45 minutes.  To be blunt, I am not sure if I just used too much or if this particular oil is exceptionally strong. I have done oil treatments in the past but it has never taken more then a simple shampoo and rinse to get it out.  It wasn't until after three days of shampooing and rinsing did I finally feel I had successfully gotten it all out.  My hair certainly felt softer and silkier (obviously since it had oil sitting in it for 3 days) but I stress: No matter how coarse or dry your curls are, use this oil sparingly.  It 's combination of shea butter, virgin coconut oil, West African sesame oil are all super moisturizing and did leave my hair very shiny.  It's scent is a light lavender due to its added lavender essential oil. 
I can't say this was my favorite oil, but it is free of mineral oils, soy, gluten and synthetic fragrances (which makes it a good contender for a second chance).  It is also not tested on animals :)  I do plan to try it again in the future but just on my ends and in minuscule amounts.   
After trying the Sculpting Wax and Leave in Conditioner, I had better luck with both.  I found the leave in conditioner worked best when applied to my wet hair and let dry naturally over night.  I like to switch it up in the winter and take advantage of the cold weather to flat iron my curls, and I noticed the leave in conditioner actually made it easier.  It left my hair so soft and gave my hair some added weight, which helped keep it straighter longer.  The sculpting wax was perfect for smoothing my fly aways and adding shine.  Both are super nourishing and hydrating for curly hair and overall I sincerely do like this line.
Happy to have tried it, I believe in it's results and I believe in it's mission.  Beautiful Curls was created by Alaffia and contains certified Fair Trade handcrafted Shea Butter. Alaffia aims to deliver not only strong, healthy curls, but assistance to it's people of Alaffia in West Africa, where at least 10% of all sales are donated.

 Any other curly haired lovelies ever try this line?  Were you left with good results?


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  1. Good to know about these products. My midlife hair is coming in very curly--have no idea what to do with it.

    Cheers, Jenn

  2. Been trying curling products lately on my hair, love them
    I'll keep these in mind
    Thanks for the review

    New follower xoxo

  3. THIS I will have to try. I'm so in need of a good product line for these curls of mine.

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