Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Nail Trends by Tom Bachik for L’Oréal Paris

For all my Lovelies out there who (like me) just can't help falling for fall trends and styles, I just couldn't resist sharing some tips from L’Oréal Paris' new Consulting Nail Expert, celeb manicurist Tom Bachik. 

Tom  prepping Eva Longoria’s nails for a L’Oréal Paris shoot

  • Mixture and Texture Dimension
“I think mixing texture and dimension is important. If going with a chunky metallic on toes, go with a rich deep ‘creamy’ color (as in no shimmer) on finger – and vice versa. If wearing a full-coverage nude on toes, then pair with a rich deep shimmer shade with dimension to the fingers.” ­–Tom Bachik
Get the look:
· Sparklicious* (toes) paired with Haute Couture Red (fingers)
· Walk On The Beach (toes) paired with VIP Status (fingers
Walk on the Beach

  •  Antique Metallics and Full Coverage Nudes on Toes
“I love antique metallics and full-coverage nudes on toes, so there’s no competition with all the great shoe colors for fall. Keep color on the fingers to play off lips and eyes.” –Tom Bachik
Get the look:
· Charmed I’m Sure & Because You’re Worth It (Antique Metallics)
· Walk on the Beach & Mauvelous (Full Coverage Nudes)

Charmed I'm Sure
  •  Classic looks in deep rich tones like Burgundy and Eggplant
Get the look:
· Haute Couture Red (Burgundy)
· Breaking Curfew (Eggplant)
Haute Couture Red
Breaking Curfew

  •  Sheer Shimmer Lace
“Sheer shimmery lace is a big fall trend. A great look I've started to do as summer wraps up is to use a single coat of a shimmery metallic on nails, so the color stays sheer but sparkly. It’s a great modern take on nudes that stays sophisticate and chic.” –Tom Bachik
Get the look: 
  • The Temptress’ Touch, which is part of the L’Oréal Paris & Project Runway “Electric Fantasie” collection (available at select drugstores beginning in September 2012)
The Tempress' Touch
I loved these colours and the polishes have great pay off.  I went a week before I saw any chipping, and they had a sleek glossy finish.  Available in drugstores for $5.99 they're a must have for your fall collection. 
Because You're Worth it (My fav ;)


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  1. Love the nail polished !! great colors

    Nice blog


  2. Great blog!!

  3. I've never really looked at L'Oreal polishes before but I think I'm going to now because of the ones you featured!

    1. awesome!! So glad you liked it, they're greta polishes :) xo

  4. Great post! By habit I always go for OPI or Essie, but I am loving these L'oreal colors!! Def going to follow :)

  5. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog...I wanted to come check out yours! Oooo I like the gold color!!

  6. Hi, I just discovered your blog - these are great nail polishes, I love the color Breaking Curfew.

    I'm following on GFC and Twitter now, I look forward to reading more!

    Lauren @

  7. Oooooo Yummy! love those shades...glad I found your blog! and thanks for the follow...right back at you!

  8. sparkilicious looks gorgeous! xx


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