Sunday, May 27, 2012

Perricone MD Citrus Facial Wash and Skin Clear Acne Toner

Hello, lovebugs, I realize it’s been a while since I last posted, and I apologize for that… So let’s fix that shall we? J

I’ve heard so many positive things about the Perricone MD products.  When I had the chance to try the Citrus Facial Wash and Skin Clear Acne Toner I was pretty excited, despite the fact that I have sensitive skin.  I began using them twice a day (morning and night).  After washing with the cleanser I applied a few drops of the toner to a cotton ball and ran it all over my face.  I am pleased to say I saw an IMMENSE difference.   My skin is has frequent dryness, uneven coloring, redness, and the occasional blemish.  These two products made a significant improvement in all areas.  I noticed a considerable change in the overall coloring of my skin.  The redness had diminished, and the coloring had evened throughout my face.  In fact it was so even that a professional makeup artist complimented it and asked if I was wearing foundation.  (I wasn't). 

The wash felt very mild and lathered really well.  It removed all my makeup with no problem, and I only needed 1 full pump.      
The toner removed any bacteria and served as phenomenal exfoliator.  It penetrated my skin, making it easier to absorb moisturizers.  I’ve decided I prefer this type of liquid exfoliator as opposed to the typical beads or brushes etc.  I experienced fewer blemishes and the few that did appear cleared up pretty quickly, particularly when I applied it directly over them.  Overall it left my skin noticeably smoother and hydrated. 

I can honestly say I ADORE these products and am going to officially claim them as my favorite cleanser and toner.  The toner contains 1% salicylic acid, and the wash contains DMAE and vitamin C Esther to help promote firming, elasticity, and natural glow.  They’re fabulous products that revitalized my skin and are definitely worth the money. 

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