Friday, May 4, 2012

Goody DoubleWear Hair Accessories

Soo many times I have found myself searching frantically for that emergency ponytail holder, and eventually picked up the habit of always wearing one on my wrist.  Unfortunately an ugly black band on my wrist doesn’t exactly say fashion forward.  Goody is always coming up with totally fab hair accessories and their latest is no different.  The new Goody DoubleWear offers utility AND fashion.  At first glance it looks like a bracelet but come to find out it is actually stylish ponytail holder!  By adding a piece of brightly colored metal over the elastic, it takes away the unattractiveness and adds a sleek, sophistication.  I wore it both as a bracelet and in my hair and found both ways to be comfortable.  After having success with the ponytail holder I went on to try the headband/ necklace.  That was even more exciting because I tend to have trouble with head bands slipping off or being too tight.  This one stayed in place perfectly and never felt too tight.  They’re charming pieces that are simple, yet trendy.  With limited edition colors in turquoise, red and yellow, they’re a must have for any outfit during any season, and I will definitely be stocking up!  Retail $5.99

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