Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cover Girl Professional All- In-One Curved Brush Mascara

My mascara is the one item in my makeup bag that is non-negotiable.  It’s not that I’m unwilling to try new ones.  I totally am.  It’s just that I have yet to find a one that even comes close to topping my all-time favs.  That was… until recently when I found myself in a somewhat mascara challenged situation if you will, and with limited resources.  After some hemming and hawing, I chose Cover Girl’s Professional All- In- One Curved Brush Mascara and truly couldn’t believe my eyes (yes, pun intended).   I’m usually not fan of the curved brushes (their shape never matches my eye and they tend to send my lashes off in crazy different directions) but this brush actually added noticeable lift and fullness to my lashes.  I was even able to get solid coverage on my inside corner lashes without disrupting the nice fan shape it had created for the rest.  By the end of the day it still hadn’t smudged or clumped.  Rather than hardening (like many mascaras do), the lightweight formula remained soft on my lashes and made removal easy.  I used my everyday face wash to take it off, and it disappeared without a trace.  Often I will have to go back over my eyes with makeup remover to get rid of that black shadow, but not this time.  This mascara adds fullness, length, lift, and lasts without smudging.  All the necessary elements of an All- Time Fav mascara! 

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