Wednesday, October 4, 2017

MANIC PANIC Lanuches New Professional Collection at Ricky's NYC

Last week, MANIC PANIC launched its brand new Professional Collection at the popular beauty haven, Ricky’s NYC.  Founders Tish & Snooky were even in attendance to meet guests and chat about their innovative new hair dye. 

When asked about what sets their new product apart from other dyes, the duo explained that it's a gel- like dye designed to stay in place and not bleed. 

What's in it?
- Castor Seed Oil smoothes split ends and improves moisture retention to create smooth, shiny, healthier looking hair
- Lactic Acid conditions, moisturizes, and strengthens hair to prevent breakage

How does it work?
- A semi permanent dye formulated to identify and bond with hair fibers.  Once bonded, the molecules mimics the fiber, thus creating a flawless finish

The end result?
- Increased saturation of the hair shaft
- Maximum color longevity - can last up to 40 shampoos
- True fade on tone result
- Even deposit throughout the hair length creating uniform results

 A table was set up for guests to test out various colors on clip in extensions and experience the dye's anti- bleed ability up close. 
The end result was an impressive rainbow of colors, all very meticulously placed!
I'm not a professional hairstylist but even I felt like the dye was easy to work with.  The consistency was gel like, and it was super easy to apply the color right where I wanted it.  You can see on my sweet looking samples below how the colors stay separate.  Definitely a great option dye for when you want to work with more then one color at a time, or if you want color placement in specific areas only.        


It was such a fun time mingling with these two dolls over cocktails and talking hair!  Make sure to stop over at Ricky's NYC and check out the new line.      


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