Sunday, October 29, 2017

First Ever Editor Showcase for Total Wellness

 Last month I had the pleasure of attending the first-ever Editor Showcase for Total Wellness.  Press was given an exclusive first look at some of the newest launches in the beauty, lifestyle, and wellness industries.  
The event was held at The Marriott Marquis in New York City, and guests were treated to a buffet of healthy treats while chatting with the brands.
Silk'n is a brand I had worked with in the past, and I was excited to learn about their newest device: the Titan.  The Titan is advertised as using three types of energies; Red Light, RF, and Infared, which are "harmonized to lift and tighten skin naturally from the inside out"- Dr. Michael Kreindel.  It is considered an anti- aging device, whose benefits include the tightening of skin and reduction in wrinkles.  It is also FDA approved.  
Doc Parsley's Sleep Remedy  turned out to be one of my favorite products.  It is supposed to replenish the nutritionally and stress induced deficiencies that interfere with normal physiologic cascades that lead to deep, restful, and restorative sleep.  Used by Navy SEALS, the all natural tea aims to deliver a more restful, quality night's sleep, without the  "hangover" effect in the morning.  Its advertised benefits include decreased jet lag, a more regular sleep cycle and overall maximum sleep.  

Aloha is an all natural food company that produces a variety of healthy snacks, protein shakes and promotes the concept of overall healthy living.  Their products are soy free, dairy free, gluten free, non- GMO, and vegan.  The brand had several samples available for tasting, including shakes and snack bars.  Both were pretty tasty and ideal for either right before or after a hearty workout at the gym.  

Long adored by the farmers of Vermont as far back as the 1700s, Up Mountain Switchel is a mix of fresh ginger, raw organic apple cider vinegar, and pure grade A maple syrup, or "fruit, roots and sap" as they like to put it.  It is designed to balance the body's PH and help you stay healthy.  This brew packs a punch, and no doubt you will feel it working immediately after consumption.  Great for any health nut who loves to feel the burn!

Cranberry juice has long been known to provide health benefits, so I love that Ocean Spray  is still putting innovative twists on the age old flavor.  Ocean Spray is releasing their 100% Organic Blend, Pure Cranberry (unsweetened) 100% Juice, and Pact® Cranberry Infused Water.  Each one is non- GMO, made without artificial flavors and contains real cranberry juice.  My personal favorite is the Pact Cranberry Infused Water.  If you're someone who isn't head over heels for the tart, cranberry flavor, this is a happy medium.  You still get all the health benefits of the berries, but the flavor is light and sweet.      

Spice Islands scours the world to collect the freshest, highest quality tasting spices.  They take special care in their packaging so that their spices deliver the most intense flavor possible.  The brand was debuting their delicious Golden Milk Latte whose delicious aroma hit you as soon as you approached the table.  Made with almond milk, and spices like ground ginger and cayenne pepper, it completely hit the spot.  If you love cooking and creating authentic tasting meals, the brand is definitely up your ally. 
We've all heard how chocolate is healthy, especially dark chocolate, but that is not entirely accurate.  CocoaVia® is described as a daily cocoa extract supplement that promotes healthy blood flow.  Why?  It contains 375 mg of cocoa flavanols in each serving, which promote healthy blood flow, therefore allowing your system to smoothly deliver oxygen and nutrients to the rest of your body.  Most chocolate bars do not contain enough cocoa flavanols to make an impact.  That being said, CocoaVia® lets you get a healthy chocolate fix in a variety of yummy shakes and daily capsules.
Are you interested in trying any of these brands?  Which ones?

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