Friday, October 13, 2017

AiRS Foundation Hosts Dinner at Clover Grocery

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it is an important conversation for all women to have.  The Alliance in Reconstructive Surgery (AiRS) Foundation  recently hosted an intimate press dinner at Clover Grocery in NYC, to spread the word about their mission and efforts to assist women who are seeking education and financial assistance for reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.
Founded by Morgan Hare, Janet Denlinger, Ph. D and Dr. Rod Rohrich, AiRS focuses on the aftermath of cancer and the path to healing.  The foundation raises funds to connect women with doctors for help with emotional, and surgical needs.  AiRS assists women in understanding their health coverage, surgical options, and ultimately handles reconstructive costs of those that qualify.   

 "It's been impressive to see the number of organizations developed over time to educate about breast cancer... but what we realized is that after mastectomy, we go quiet and aren't doing much to address the continued healing that needs to take place with women who have gone through a mastectomy"- Morgan Hare
It is estimated that 70% of women do not have breast reconstruction options discussed with them or they are unable to pay for the surgery, which is why AiRS is a very special and necessary foundation.
Following the dinner, guests were gifted high end skin care products from eraclea .  The brand is operated by AiRS founders Morgan Hare and Janet Denlinger, and money from each purchase helps support the AiRS foundation.  The brand is one to keep in mind during your holiday shopping, or if you're looking to shop and want to give a little something back.  

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