Saturday, November 7, 2015

New Release: Toppik Brow Building Fibers Set

 Last month I was invited to stop by Blushington NYC at the fabulous Le Parker Meridien to try out the latest brow magic on the scene.  Toppik, famously known for their amazing hair products, have recently used their technology to help us solve our eyebrow woes.  

Toppik's unique brow fibers work differently than lining with eye shadows, gels or brow pencils.  The two-step Brow Building Fibers Set is advertised as being able to create the most natural looking fullness and definition using innovative, textured- fiber technology.  A two step system, it contains lightweight wax which is designed to shape, define, and prep your brows for the fibers.   Then, colored keratin fibers provide texture and buildable coverage to effortlessly give brows definition and fullness.  

How it Works:
1.) Apply the Brow Shaping Wax with the angled side of the Dual- End Brush.
2.) Dip the rounded tip of the Dual- End Brush in to the Brow Building Fibers.  Lightly dab onto brows to fill in sparse areas to create definition.  

I always have the same two issues when coloring my brows.  One; my hair is red and my eyebrows are blond.  So finding a color that looks natural is often a challenge.  And two; for whatever reason, I tend to have trouble following their shape and keeping the color in the lines.  

Toppik worked well enough and surprisingly, didn't require much work.  The wax is really lightweight- similar to a lip balm- and is easy to apply.  I usually use the brush, but have also used my finger when rushing. Something to note about the wax is that it contains great elements like avocado and Jojoba oils to help tame unruly hairs and shea butter to condition skin. 
The fibers are made with keratin protein and have a static charge that is supposed to bind them to your brow.  I felt like I could almost see the static charge while the fibers we just sitting in the tray.  They didn't appear the same as regular power or shadow.  I think this is why I had a trouble picking them up when I dipped in my brush.  I found it easier to kind of scoop them on to the brush.    

Once the fibers made contact with the wax, they grabbed on really well and didn't leave a trace of fall out.   I used light brown and applied about two coats before I was satisfied.  Overall, the fibers have great staying power and allow you to play around with the intensity levels to create the look you want. 



Colors include Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown.
Retail:  $19.95 
 Shop it here


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