Sunday, November 1, 2015

DHC Hosts NYC Blogger Event to Debut New Launches

DHC is an iconic Japanese olive oil-inspired skincare line that recently threw a NYC Blogger event at Koi Soho to debut their latest products.  Guests sipped on Japanese inspired cocktails and dined on delicious hors d’oeuvres while getting treated to professional make up touch up some dazzling Japanese nail art.    

It was my first experience with DHC and it didn't take long to discover its products are totally habit forming.  Luckily, the brand graciously gifted attendees the fabulous new products to feed our new addictions.  Check them out below, starting with my faves! 

 Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll- On- massages and soothes for a firming and smoothing under eye treatment.  *This is so fun and feels great around my eyes.  The product is dispensed by pressing the button on the bottom, and released at the top through three metal beads, arranged in a triangle.  It's cool and calming, and also helped reduce some of the puffiness.  

Gel Pencil Eyeliner- draws smooth precision lines for smudges proof eyeliner looks. *Too good.  This liner is just too good.  I love the cat eye look my girl Tay Tay is often seen rockin, but I have a love/hate relationship with liquid liners.  Sometimes they like to turn on me.  This gel pencil is great because it's so easy to handle and applies so *swiftly it helps you achieves that same dramatic, flawless look of a liquid without the headache. 

Olive Virgin Oil Swabs- Erase makeup mistakes in a flash and are individually wrapped to be purse friendly for on- the- go touch ups.  *These are ideal for so many things, but personally, they've become my go-to for removing eye liner; whether it's from smudging, an application mistake, or before I go to bed.  They're enriched with organic olive oil and are so gentle that I no longer have to worry about irritating or aggravating the sensitive skin around my eyes. 

Deep Cleansing Oil- makeup remover completely dissolves all traces of dirt and cosmetics- even waterproof mascara and eyeliner

Foaming Mesh - creates twice as much foam that your hands from the same amount of product, giving you the most out of your cleanser.

Face Wash Powder- transforms from a powder to a dense lather when you add water.  It's great for travel and the perfect cleansing companion to the Foaming Mesh.

Rich Eye Zone Care Pack- revitalizes the entire eye area in one luxurious eye mask treatment.

Have you ever tried DHC products?  Are you interested?

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