Sunday, August 30, 2015

Älsa Energy Drink

I've never been a big of energy drinks, mainly because I've never experienced anything more then a racing heart and the shakes.  Hardly the quick, effective boost I'm looking for.  But when I tried a sample of Älsa energy drink at the She's Fit event, I got curious.  

This summer I found myself banking a lot more gym time then I'm used to.  So as good as it made me feel, add it to my millions of other daily activities and sometimes I began craving that extra oomph to help get me through the day.   

 Älsa is a new, premium energy drink mix that delivers a measured, sustained energy boost via PURENERGY® plus the mental clarity benefits of Cognizin® citicoline. It comes in easy to carry .35 oz packets and in three all natural flavors: Pomegranate Blueberry, Three Citrus, and Dragon FruitEach packet is one serving that can be added to water, blended in a smoothie or used as a yogurt topping.    

What's in it?

   - Cognizin (250 mg), a patented, branded form of citicoline, a natural substance vital to brain health and found in every cell of the body. Cognizin is clinically tested to provide sustained mental energy, enhanced focus, and healthy memory function.
  -PURENERGY (100 mg), an innovative, patented ingredient that combines caffeine and pTeroPure® pterostilbene for efficient, sustained energy that will last from mid-morning to mid-afternoon without an unpleasant jolt or sudden drop.

-pTeroPure pterostilbene (57 mg), a patented, nature-identical form of trans-pterostilbene, which shares the strong antioxidant values of resveratrol  but is 60% more effective and bioavailable. Helps maintain normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels and may enhance cognitive function. 
 -Caffeine (100 mg – about the same as in a cup of coffee) from three sources: white tea extract, yerba maté extract, and PURENERGY.
  -14 essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins C, B6, and B12, as well as the amino acids L-Carnitine and Taurine, and Ginkgo Biloba.

Älsa has been really useful for me this summer.  I keep a stash in my desk at work and use it to whip up my afternoon pick me up.  Usually around 3:00pm, I start to get a little sluggish and the mantra "is it 5 yet?" repeats over and over in my head.  So, I just mix a packet with water and by the time I'm finished drinking it, the work day is done and I'm refreshed and ready to hit the gym.  
The taste is not what I expected though.  I was hoping for something a little sweeter but to me, it tasted more on the tart side.  Overall, I still like it because it is the first energy drink where I can get that energetic rush without having to deal with the jitters or feeling like my heart is going a mile a minute.  It's probably the only energy drink I'll ever keep on hand. 
*Älsa is vegan, gluten-free and naturally sweetened with fructose and stevia extract and has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives*

Do you use energy drinks?  Are you interested in trying Älsa?  Click here for a free sample!  

Available at: 
Retail: $48.50 for a 24-stick pack

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