Friday, August 7, 2015

Review: Jessica Robertson Collection Hidden Beauty Natural Tan Maximizer

I love a classic, sun kissed glow, but being fair skinned makes achieving it quite the challenge.  I've tried spray tans and self tanners- all of which are always great at first.  But let's be serious.  No matter how long I let the color set (and like, who has time for that anyway??), when it's 90 degrees out and I'm sweating it out in zumba or spin class, those sweaty streaks are pretty darn hard to avoid.

Retail: $46.00
12 oz.

Jessica Robertson Collection Hidden Beauty Natural Tan Maximizer has become the answer to my streaky woes.  In fact, it's taken the place of a lot of my self tanners this summer.  

Endorsed by Jessica Robertson of A&E's Duck Dynasty, the formula contains aloe, vitamin D and Melitane to aid your skins natural tanning process.  The Melitane is advertised to induce skin pigmentation, strengthen skin's defenses against overexposure, reduce skin erythema or sunburn, protect and repair DNA damage, and reduce inflammatory response.  It's also supposed to help firm skin and even out skin tone.  

The directions state to use before tanning.  But when I first cracked open the bottle, it smelled so good, I couldn't resist trying it right away.  I applied it after my shower before I went to bed, and was stunned to wake up the next morning with a noticeable glow.  And I hadn't even laid in the sun yet!  It was subtle and natural looking.  Since it is an enhancer and not a tanner, it doesn't have that color blocking formula.  The lotion is advertised as a "Carmel Color"- a pale, off whitish shade- and you can't see where you've applied it, but that's because you don't need to.  There is no chance of streaks and part of its purpose is to work with your natural pigmentation and even you out.  

The texture has a rich, luxe feel to it but isn't the least bit heavy.  It absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling soft and velvety immediately after application.   The scent is a strawberry- kiwi combination called "Sweet Dreams" and is oh-so-yummy!!  If you like sweet, fruity scents you'll love that this one lingers slightly.  Just like the other Jessica Robertson products I've tried, the Tan Maximizer didn't disappoint.  Its effects on me were noticeable after just once use, and the stuff has quickly become my summer addiction.   It achieves that healthy, natural glow without the mess and fuss.  If you have difficulty achieving or maintaining a tan, this might be a good alternative to try.  And because it works with your skin's natural color, it is ideal for every season.

Have you been self tanning this summer?  What product has been your favorite?

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