Friday, September 4, 2015

Courtney Allegra Swim

 Last call for all beach goers!  This weekend is the summer's last hurrah and that means yours truly will be found livin it up on the sand with a cocktail in her hand.. and lookin stylish of course!

Courtney Allegra Swim is a trendy line that offers everything from modern metallics, luscious patterns, and go-to solids.  The fun part is you even have the option to mix tops with bottoms to customize your look so you will always stand out! (No one's gonna steal this girl's look! ;)  

Created by 18- year old fashion maven and stylist super star Courtney Allegra, each design is inspired by exotic locations around the world.  
Retail: $58.00

PR sent me this gorgeous sample to try, but since it wasn't my size, I sadly can't attest to what it wears like.  But I can confirm it's ridiculously sexy.  The top is the South Africa style in Bronzer; a bold, brownish metallic shade with eye catching copper highlights. 

I love the gold CA embellishment on the front because it's the perfect bling detail every beach look should have.

 But without a doubt, the three straps across the back are my favorite part.  They give it a sexy, beach kitten kind of feel and I definitely don't own another suit like it.    

Retail: $56.00

The bottoms are ideal for all the bootylicious girls out there!  They are Cape Town style in Bronzer (*update* these seem to no longer be available) and are advertised as having medium coverage and "cheeky".  The ruching up the back adds some dimension and if you've been werkin it out all summer, these are the perfect bottoms to show it off!

Happy weekend all and savor these last days of summer in style!

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