Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wei East: TAO WEI Cool2Hot Sonic Beautifier

I'm all about gadgets that make a beauty routine easier and (of course) more efficient.  Enter Wei East Tao Wei Cool2Hot Sonic Beauty Tool Set with Ginger Serum.  The device launched on HSN back in February and combines the use of hot & cold temperatures to amp up the effects of your skincare products.  The set includes a bottle of Ginger Serum, but the tool can be used with the skincare product of your choice.


Retail: 149.95
Tao Wei Cool2Hot Sonic Beauty Tool:
  • Massaging beauty tool for applying the Ginger Serum
  • Operates in four modes: Hot, Cool, Sonic + Hot and Sonic + Cool
  • Hot (approx. 107ºF) soothes the skin and helps liquefy the Ginger Serum
  • Cool (approx. 41ºF) helps the skin feel refreshed
  • Sonic + Hot and Sonic + Cool modes help massage the skin with approx. 200 micro massages per second
  • Safe for use in the eye area
  • FDA cleared

Ginger Serum
  • Contains wild turmeric root extract, approx. 30% ginger extract and other key ingredients
  • Helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Temporarily firms and tightens the appearance of skin
  • Helps refresh the appearance of tired-looking eyes
  • Helps restore skin moisture
  • Refines and smoothes the skin's appearance
  • Helps skin look brighter and younger
  • Safe for use in the eye area
The idea behind it is that the change from hot to cold helps your skin to better absorb the product.  The heat opens your pores and melts the product, then the cold by closes them and locks the product in.  It is said to be a popular method used in the Asian beauty industry.  

Using the device is lightweight and pretty easy to operate.  It comes with a USB to charge it up, and a full charge took close to three hours.  To start, first apply the skincare product of your choice.  Next, hold down the main button on the device and a solid red light will appear indicating the heat has turned on.  It took less then 20 seconds to fully heat up.  Since it's a "sonic" tool, it has the fun option of adding in sonic vibrations for a mini massage by pressing the button again- which I love :P 
Once you're done with the heat, just press the button again and within seconds your skin feels a cold,  refreshing blast.  It's a soothing process and really relaxing. I like it because it's small and lightweight.  Sometimes I'll use it on my neck if it gets stiff while I'm working, and I almost always use it to soothe my tired, puffy eyes before bed.  My skin has taken to it (and the serum) pretty well.  My skin is dry and usually has trouble absorbing moisturizers on its own, and this gives it the extra help that it needs.  The small dry patches around my eyes seem to have disappeared.  Overall, I enjoyed the experience and am happy I have it on hand for the hot months coming up! 

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