Saturday, June 13, 2015

Review: Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine & Hold Laminating Shine Hair Spray

Retail: $6.97
My hair is a beast during the humid summer months and I'm forced to ditch my precious flat iron and opt for a mass of curls.  That said, I need products that can tame them and hold them in place for extended periods of time. 
Schwarzkopf styliste ULTIME Crystal Shine & Hold Laminating Shine Hair Spray  is unique.  It not only promises "extra strong hold" but also uses a technologically advanced formula and shine polymer to leave hair with a lustrous finish.    
I spritzed it over my wet hair and before anything else, noticed the sweet powdery scent.  For me, this was a plus.  I hate the sprays that smell too much like chemicals, even if they work.
The dry time was pretty quick, considering my hair was wet.  I could tell it had set in about six or seven minutes and I slowly noticed a light sheen.  What I liked about it was that as my hair dried, the color didn't get overly dark.  Typically after I hair spray my wet hair, it always dries darker and creates that nasty wet look.  Fortunately, it was much less obvious with this spray and my end look appeared more natural.      
I would say it is definitely humidity resistant.  I didn't experience any pesky fly aways at any point in the day and overall it handled my thick curls pretty well.  Overall, this is a great choice spray for summer.  If you have thick, hard to manage hair this will effortlessly keep hair in place and even adds a healthy shine.
The Crystal Shine and Hold collection is available online and includes three additional products.  You can check them out here        

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