Monday, June 29, 2015

Johnson's Dishes Beauty Tips for Every Season

I love learning new beauty tips, and last week Johnson's hosted a Season by Season Beauty event where they dished a lot of 'em!  Guests went from station to station experiencing the latest Johnson's products and genius ways to incorporate them into your routine for every season.  But of course the best part wasn't just getting the scoop, it was getting to try them out- tips on everything from hair, nails and make up!     


 Massage JOHNSON’S® baby oil gel with lavender into nail beds to help soften cuticles.
Apply JOHNSON’S® baby oil gel with lavender
on feet before putting on your socks right before bed. By morning, feet will feel hydrated, moisturized and baby soft.
Use JOHNSON’S® pure cornstarch baby powder with calming lavender in sneakers to remove odors.
Use JOHNSON’S® pure cornstarch baby powder with calming lavender in lieu of deodorant.
Use JOHNSON’S® baby lotion for a baby fresh scent.

Use JOHNSON’S® pure cornstarch baby powder with aloe & vitamin e to remove unwanted sand from fingers, legs and toes.
Use JOHNSON’S® pure cornstarch baby powder with calming lavender as a dry shampoo.
Apply JOHNSON’S® baby oil gel with aloe & vitamin e to the ends of your hair to add shine.
Apply JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray to hair to remove knots after swimming and to moisturize hair on-the-go.
Brush JOHNSON’S® pure cornstarch baby powder with calming lavender on skin to remove stray hairs after brushing hair


Apply JOHNSON’S® baby powder on face to help prevent oil even on your busiest days.
Dab JOHNSON’S® baby oil gel on lips for a smooth and glossy pout.
Keep JOHNSON’S® hand & face wipes in your bag to help wipe away dirt and germs while on-the-go.
Use JOHNSON’S® baby moisture wash with shea & cocoa butter as a mild face wash.


Use JOHNSON’S® baby oil gel with shea & cocoa butter right after showering to lock in moisture and create a natural glow.
Dab or dust JOHNSON’S® baby powder around eyes to keep makeup fresh and prevent eye shadow fallout; great for creating the perfect smoky eye.
Use JOHNSON’S® baby lotion with vanilla oatmeal to moisturize with a warm, fresh scent.
Use JOHNSON’S® baby oil with shea & cocoa butter as a gentle makeup remover.
Use JOHNSON’S® baby shampoo to clean makeup brushes.
Apply JOHNSON’S® baby powder as a guide under brows to create the perfect arch with an eyebrow pencil

A special shout out to the darlings at Spa Chick who did my hair and makeup!  I loved the look so much and have already started using the tips on the baby powder and baby oil!!



Do you use Johnson's products?  Do you have a secret tip to share? Do tell!
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Photos by Karen Wise and provided by Johnson's

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