Sunday, May 31, 2015

CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish: Field Fox

Retail: $9.95
 With nude colors taking over this season, I couldn't resist PR's offer to try out CND's Field Fox Weekly Polish.  Field Fox is a neutral from the Flora & Fauna Collection  and is described by CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold as "as wearable and simple as a barefoot stroll through the grass.”
VINYLUX® Weekly Polish by CND is an alternative to gel polish with a 2-part system, featuring a self-adhering Color Coat and a Top Coat that gets stronger with exposure to natural light over time. VINYLUX® can be applied at home and removes like traditional polish. 

I was given Field Fox in the Weekly Polish and a bottle of the Weekly Top Coat.  The polish is designed to give you the durability and glossy finish of a professional looking gel manicure without the need of a UV or LED light.     
Advertised as lasting up to 7 days without chipping, I'd say it finished pretty strong.  That week had been so hectic for me, that by the end of it, I momentarily forgot I was wearing the VINYLUX polish and caught myself wondering how my nails hadn't chipped yet.  The very tips of some nails looked slightly dulled, but nothing noticeable to the naked eye (just my ODC self, and it should be noted that I pound away on a keyboard daily).     
The application process is easy and no different then when applying regular nail polish.
1.) Cleans nails with scrub brush
2.) Apply two coats of weekly VINYLUX Weekly Polish
3.) Finish with one coat of Weekly Top Coat
Now, I don't know what the scrub brush is so I skipped that step and settled for swabbing my nails with anti- bacterial wipes and rinsing them with water.  No base coat is necessary, so I was able to jump right in and apply the polish.  The two coats dried surprisingly fast (roughly 5 or 6 minutes) with no streaking.  Its formula is a little thicker then regular polishes, but still achieves nice coverage.  The color appeared to be a slate gray/ lavender mixture.  Very soft and feminine.  The top coat is definitely on the thicker side, but managed to apply evenly without any gooeyness.   

The whole process took me around 15 minutes from start to finish (before bed) and I woke up without a trace of smudging and NO bed sheet marks.  I used traditional nail polish remover to take it off and didn't have any trouble.

I loved this polish and the fact that there is an alternative to gel polishes that works.  I've tried other polishes that promise that gel-like finish, but didn't have the same success.  The whole Weekly Polish Collection has 48+ colors to chose from, so you're bound to find one you love.  If you're someone who loves flaunting sexy nails but doesn't always have the time to maintain them, this is a totally functional option.    
Have you tried the Weekly Polish gel manicure from CND?  How was your experience?

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