Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cadiveu Professional: Detox Treatment

 Last month I attended a special event for Cadiveu Professional , a Brazilian hair brand, where I was able to experience one of two new treatments: Plastica dos Fios or the Detox cleanse. Plastica dos Fios is described as a thermo- reconstructing process for all hair types that makes hair smooth, straight, radiant and frizz free for up to 3 months. The Detox cleanse is designed to cleanse the scalp and rid it of impurities and build up, while also helping to rejuvenate and revive dull hair. 
Even though I'm no stranger to frizz, I chose to try the Detox treatment.  I apply so much product to my scalp daily that I'm always worried about buildup dulling the color, and thought this sounded like a great remedy. 
My treatment and finished look was done by the fabulous Brazilian hair and makeup artist Igor Santos.  Throughout the process, I kept oohing and ahhing over how good the products smelled.  At one point I felt a cooling, tingling sensation on my scalp that was really invigorating.  
Before treatment
After treatment

 After the treatment was over and my hair was blown out, the difference was huge.  My scalp felt like a weight had been lifted off of it and when I ran my fingers through my roots, the movement was so easy and free.  It left my hair super soft and full of incredible body.   
Detox Treatment include:
1.) Detox Hair Protein- Pre Shampoo- Protects hair from the astringent action of the shampoo.  Intensely nourishes the fiber, leaving no residue
2.) Detox Green Juice- Detoxifies the scalp, eliminating oiliness and flaking.  Tones and stimulates growth of healthy hair.
3.) Detox Multi- Nutrients- Promotes deep nutrition to the hair bulb.  Reinforces the DNA, making hair stronger and resistant to breakage.
4.) Detox Shampoo- Eliminates oiliness and flaking of the scalp.  Promotes cell renewal, strengthening and brings shine to the hair.
5.) Detox Conditioner- Ensures nutrition and increased softness to the hair, without weighing it down.  Makes the hair stronger and resistant.
Overall, it was really effective for me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone whose hair needs a pick me up.  The results are instant and they're not only visible, but you can actually feel the extreme improvement on your scalp.

Plastica dos Fios (Hair Plastic Surgery)
Products include:
1.) Pre- Reconstruction Shampoo
2.) Thermal Hair Reconstruction
3.) Sealing Mask

Are you planning to try a special treatment to prep your hair for summer?  Are you interested in either of these new treatments?

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