Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Jessica Robertson Facial Bronzing Powder

The creators of Podz and Dr. Sun RX have teamed up with Duck Dynasty's own Jessica Robertson to launch a series of nourishing beauty products that will help achieve that luminous look we all obsess over. 
Retail: $20.00
I like this bronzer a lot.  I prefer to keep my look more natural looking and the Jessica Robertson Facial Bronzing Powder is perfect because it's visible but subtle.  My skin is on the fair side so sometimes bronzers can be a bit harsh and appear more like dirt against my complexion.  Advertised as "tinted powder that gives sheer, natural-looking color while being skin- conditioning providing a smooth, never splotchy application" I'd say it is exactly that.  It has a buildable formula so it works for various skin types and I found it to blend really easily.  Another aspect I loved was that the shimmer effect was SO subtle.  There was just enough to catch the light and add a soft, believable glow.  I can't stand it when I'm nearly blinded by the shimmers in a bronzer.  I get so nervous applying those kind because even half a dab too much will make my head look like it belongs on a shelf at the MOMA.
Overall, we love this!  It has the added bonus of prolonging your tan and also contains a nice moisturizing formula.  Whether it's summer or not, I can see myself using this year round for contouring or achieving that healthy glow. 
Available at:
Also available at local tanning salons

Have you tried this bronzer or any of the other Jessica Robertson collections? 

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