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Spotlight on: Cassy Saba Jewelry

I was so excited to sit and chat with the beautiful Cassy Saba, creator of the popular Cassy Saba Jewelry.  Originally from Arizona, Cassy has been creating customized jewelry since the age of 13 and recently moved to New York City to continue growing her brand.  Her talent and creativity is so vast that whether you're drawn to glamorous statement pieces or an elegant string of pearls, the line carries something for everyone.  Each piece is hand made by Cassy herself, and her recent expansion into fine jewelry and engagement rings is a sign she's not slowing down.  

My chat with Cassy:
PPA: When/how did you realize you had a talent for designing jewelry & wanted to make it your career?
 CS: I started designing jewelry at the young age of 12. I found a love for
 jewelry after receiving the best gift for my 12th birthday, a bead kit. I began
 to create bracelets and necklaces out of plastic and glass beads, which
 grew into a hobby. I made my mom wear the pieces to work, and she
 would get compliments and also come home with a list of orders.
PPA: What was it like starting a business at 13?
CS: A couple years later, I took my hobby to the next level and created a
 business designing one-of-a-kind jewelry out of semi-precious stones and
 crystals. It was overwhelming at first and very hard to juggle my business
 and school. Over time, my time balancing skills got better. I started to
 make more connections that helped along the way, too.
PPA: What was the first piece you ever created?
CS: The first piece I ever designed when I started to work with real stones was
 a Garnet necklace (deep red, January birthstone) for my mom that had
 pearls in it as well.
PPA: Was this your first time showing at Fashion Week? Was the experience
 how you imagined?
CS: It was my second year showing in NYFW. It was such an awesome
 experience and I will do it every year from now on. I pair up with an
 extremely talented gown designer, Jennyvi Dizon. I always have such a
 blast creating based around her inspiration for the year. It always makes it
 really great when you are working with someone that you connect so well
PPA: If you could put one of your pieces on anyone, who would it be?
CS: I think I would pick Oprah because she has such influence in our society.
 I think she has class and also recognizes quality products and promotes
PPA: Who is your all time favorite designer/ why?
CS: Roberto Cavali, I wish he could design my whole closet!! I love his prints
 and the dresses fit like a glove.
PPA: What has been the most memorable moment in your career thus far?
CS: When I was in Women’s Wear Daily at the age of 17 was really exciting for
 me. I will never forget what I felt when I ran to the mail the day it arrived.
PPA: What is the one thing you want everyone to know about your brand?
CS: My jewelry can take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, and you will
 get never ending compliments on your pieces!
PPA: What has been the biggest lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?
CS: I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that networking is really huge. I
 am a part of many organizations in the city. It’s all about getting to know
 the right people to be supporters of your business, and being willing to help
 others succeed as well.
PPA: What is next for Cassy Saba Jewelry?
CS: The last two years I have expanded with a wholesale diamond line where
 I custom design engagement rings and other pieces for clients. It is really
 exciting for me to help clients one on one with the perfect piece of jewelry
 at a great price incomparable to jewelry stores. That is my main focus
 right now for expansion.
PPA: Knowing everything you know now, what advice
 would you give to your 13 year old self starting out?
CS: I would advise young people to not let their age be a deterrent. I think so many
 adults are supportive towards positive youth chasing their dreams. It’s refreshing
 to them instead of the negativity that is always portrayed in media.
Retail: $45.00
I fell instantly in love with this Black Cross necklace by Cassy, made of a black cross stone, black crystals and a toggle clasp.  Its mixture of simplicity and touch of glam made it different and unique.  The design is modest but the crystals give it a dressy, stylish feel that makes it fun to wear with just about anything.  I received compliments on it the very first day I wore it!  
This is great for wearing with a flirty skirt and low cut tee to show it off, or with a sexy pair of jeans and dressy top.  The style is super versatile and perfect for a night out with friends, a date or even for adding some flare to your look at for the office.  The necklace is short and sits nicely below the base of your neck, and the crystals draw just enough attention to create subtle drama and elegance.   

Casual & Dressy Chic

Office Chic

Office Chic by plushpinkallure featuring a black skirt

The holidays are coming and this is an ideal opportunity to create a personalized gift for the jewelry lover on your list!     

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