Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beauty Box 5 Reveal: October Box

Hello darlings, it's time for this month's Beauty Box 5 reveal!!!  Are you excited?!
This month's theme was "Effortless Allure" and featured the quite essentials for creating a super stylish look, minus the hassle.

Let's dive in!
Retail: $2.99
Fellow Chapstick hoarders out there know how exciting this baby is.  Chapstick Hydration Lock isn't your standard balm.  It's dual ended- one for moisturizing, one for revitalizing- and is even good for just adding a bit of shine to your lips.  I was excited to see it in this month's box because I'd been wanting to try it but am always so stocked with chap sticks that I never really had an excuse to buy it.  

Retail: $5.49
Extend Your Beauty Cosmetic Tool is designed to help you scoop out that last precious bit of product you can't quite reach.  I have to admit it's a useful tool that can definitely stop the tears over your face cream's premature death.  Just six inched long and dishwasher safe, it's not a bad investment if you want to buy some extra time with your favorite products. 

 Retail: $19.99

I learned of bella pierre through BB5 and am so grateful.  I look forward to the new BP products BB5 selects for the box, and this month's pick: Cheek and Lip Stain in Pink has kept the love goin.  This is nice because it's dual purpose and a total space saver.  Sometimes I'm sold on these types of products simply because I've run out of space to store them. I'm also partial to this shade because it adds just enough color to be noticeable, but still subtle enough to look natural.   
Retail: $3.95 .5fl oz.
I always enjoy LASHEM products.. but at first I wasn't so excited about the Picture Perfect Instant Wrinkle Reducer.  Being as I'm not exactly worried about wrinkles yet, I was thinking I may pass this one on to my mom.   But I was pleased to see that it doubles as a face primer, which I can always use more of.  It'll definitely make it into my morning makeup regimen.  
Retail: $3.95
I LOVE this colour in Surfer's Dream from Nanacoco!!!  I wasn't expecting a neon polish in a fall box, but it was a fun surprise.  This will add a fun, pop a color to any look, especially on those dull, dreary days when your spirits need a pick me up!   

Overall, I though this month's box was pretty darn decent.  Dual purpose products and sassy colours are always appreciated! 
Are you interested in subscribing to BB5?

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