Monday, October 13, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide: KODAK DIY Decrotive Photo Candle

This holiday season I promised to put a little more creativity into my gift ideas and the Kodak Alaris Decorative Photo Candle was such a fun (and easy) place to start!     
Not only was this project totally budget friendly, but it only took a whopping 25 minutes to put together. 
- Favorite picture of family/friend/pet etc.
- Metal words
- Ribbon or raffia
- Small metal picture frame
How to make it:
- Put pictures in frame
- Insert ribbon into frame. Tie ribbon around candle
- Tip: burn candle until there is a small well; then put a tea light in the well to preserve your photo candle
Now.. I will admit that since I loved the idea so much, I went a little slap happy with the materials and did a slightly more elaborate variation.  None the less, it was still insanely easy and super fast to put together.   
What I used:
- Glass Vase
- Colored, glass marbles
- Ribbon
- Small picture frame
- Silver paint
- Decoupage
- Small picture print from KODAK Picture Kiosk
- Thin rubber band
- Candle
- Tea Lights
There were these beautiful vases on sale and I had the idea to place the candle inside it to make it just a bit more decorative.    
I chose a plain white, short candle whose circumference fit the vase nicely.  Since it was shorter then the vase, I took advantage of the pink and clear glass marbles I found, and used them to add some extra color and sparkle.       

 Next, I cut a piece of ribbon matching the circumference of the vase, and then applied it using decoupage.  Placing the ribbon over the demarcation line between the candle and marbles just helped it to appear smoother and more visually appealing.
While that was drying, I painted my little picture frame silver so that it would match the ribbon.  After about ten minutes, both were dry and ready to go.  I also decided to heed Kodak's advice to burn the candle just enough to fit in a tea light.  (This helps preserve the life of your photo candle).  Lastly, I slipped my pooch's picture into the frame, hooked the frame onto the rubber band using its back stand like a hook, slipped it over the vase and- ta- da!!  

It came out pretty well if I do say so myself.  Of all the DIY projects I've attempted lately, this was definitely one of my favorites.  It was so simple to manipulate and design with my preferences. The best part is that it's cheap enough to re- make again and again!  It ran me about $25.00, and I added a lot of bells and whistles.  It's a great keepsake idea for anyone on your list this season.
What DIY or personalized gifts are you planning to give this year?  Are you going to create your own the Photo Candle?

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