Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Red Hot Read: Whip Smart Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards

Whip Smart: Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards is the first installment in a red hot, sexy series by Kit Brennan.  It follows the journey of historical figure, Lola Montez, through 19th century Europe, and tells the story of how this quick witted vixen completely flipped the script.    

This may sound strange, (and maybe stranger that I'm admitting it) but even though I have studied in Spain, and studied dance in college, I had never heard of Lola Montez.  The sexy Irish dancer who changed Europe?  Obviously this was something I had to check out. 

Aspiring actress Eliza Rosanna Gilbert is just coming out of a failed marriage and is eager to do whatever she can to avoid her upcoming nasty divorce trial, sure to ruin her name.  When she accepts an offer for a paid trip to Spain, the rest becomes history.  Eliza transforms herself into Lola, the talented and sensual Spanish dancer who is tasked with acting as a spy for the exiled queen of Spain, and trying to stay alive while doing it.  

For me, the book had a lot of turn ons: murder plots, exotic and passionate dance scenes, elaborate wardrobes, forbidden love affairs with some steamy moments, but most of all- it was Lola's sharp tongue that drew me in.  I often found myself laughing at her many blunt remarks or nodding along to her honest outlook and take on life.  

Lola's personality was an inspiring, breath of fresh air that resonated off the page.  After the countless hardships that life threw at her, she still came off as down to earth and relatable, with a clear view of the world, rather then cold or jaded.  And who doesn't appreciate the combo of beauty and brains?  I loved that she was resourceful and brave enough to go against the grain to get what she needed.   After watching her seduce just about everyone in her path, it was clear this girl was determined to be the one still standing.  By the book's end, I was already anticipating the second installment Whip Smart: Lola Montez and the Poisoned Nom de Plume and am eager to find out where she ends up next.

** Launching this month is the third installment in the series: Whip Smart: Lola Montez Starts a Revolution .   


Kit Brennan is a nationally produced, award-winning playwright, and teaches writing and storytelling at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.

The Victorian era and its personalities have always been of major interest to Brennan. Her play Tiger’s Heart explores the life of Dr. James Barry, who was actually a woman living a double life disguised as a man in order to practice medicine, which was not an option open to women at the time.

Kit divides her time between the vibrant city of Montreal and the quiet lake wilderness of Ontario alongside her husband, Andrew, and a variety of animal friends.  Whip Smart: Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards is her debut novel.

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