Saturday, March 8, 2014

Review: Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extensions Mascara

Retail: $19.99

All of you darlings have heard me rant about my fickleness with mascaras.  But lately I've realized their technology has improved so much over the years, that my old times favorites are no longer a match for newcomers like Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extensions Mascara  .  
Put simply, I love this mascara and couldn't find anything to criticize.  It is part of the new Measurable Difference line from Chrislie Formulations which focuses on creating products that are not only beauty enhancing, but that also work to encourage hair growth.  The added benefit to this one  is that it is made with RegenaLash.  An effective peptide complex designed to nourish, hydrate, and condition lashes and brows for healthier looking lashes, and fuller looking brows in 4-6 weeks. 
It is a dual sided mascara with the mascara formula on one end, and liquid fibers on the other.  The application process is slightly different that other mascaras that comes with the fibers.  This one instructs you to apply a coat of mascara first, the fibers second, followed by a second coat of mascara.  The first coat of mascara gives the fibers something to grab on to and the second coat of mascara seals them in.  I have to say this worked reaaally well and I was left with incredible length.  My lashes are naturally on the longer side and this not only enhanced them, but made them dramatic and almost doll-like.  (To be honest, the picture doesn't really do it justice, but I did my best).   
The formula is a little thick, but I personally don't mind that.  My lashes are naturally slightly curled so I don't concern myself too much about it weighing them down.  I also found that this one dries pretty quickly, which is perfect because it means I can get my look done faster.  The removal process was the EASIEST I've experienced yet.  I've literally never had an easier time removing any other mascara.  After washing it off in the shower, there was no left over residue or dark rings under my eyes whatsoever, which was awesome (I'll save on makeup remover :p).       
I haven't been using it long enough to attest to any of the growth claims, but I can state for the record it is certainly one of my choice mascaras for long, beautiful lashes and a bold, dramatic look.  
Are you looking for a new mascara to try?  Would you consider Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extensions Mascara? 

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