Saturday, March 29, 2014

Prom Essential: Fake Bake Flawless Darker Self Tan Liquid

Retail: $29.99
Prom season is already here and prepping for the big event can be pretty stressful.  Aside from finding the perfect gown, shoes, flawless up do (shall I go on?) there's one element that can help all those things fall into place. Glowing, sun kissed skin can make all the difference... Enter: Fake Bake .
A self tanning session has all the potential to go wrong before you even open the bottle, but what I liked about Fake Bake Luxurious Deeper Bronze Flawless Darker was not only its incredibly fast and easy as pie process, but it kind of does the work for you.  The dual function cosmetic bronzer gives an instant, golden tan and goes on to develop into a long lasting, sunless glow.  It is formulated with Fake Bakes’ signature triple tanning agents DHA boosted by DMI & Erythulose for lasting intensity.  
The scent is made with yummy black coconut which I admit to falling victim to.  It's sweet and tropical, but very faint and best of all, doesn't smell like tanner.  It is packaged in a spray bottle, which you can either spray directly onto your skin or onto the applicator mitt.  Because the spray is colored, I personally found it better and less messy to spray it directly onto the mitt and then apply to my skin.  The spray darkened once it hit my skin so it was clear to see which areas I had covered and which areas still needed to get done.  This is always helpful because it keeps you from missing spots or over applying to others.           
After one application

(Forgive me, I totally missed the before shot but believe me when I say I am quite fair)
It dried unbelievably quickly, (not more then a minute after I applied and massaged it in) and there was zero stickiness left behind.  I waited about 10 minutes just to be positive all areas were dry, and as a test, I dressed in an old white T-shirt.  After several hours, there was no discoloring on my shirt or streaking on my skin.  Ultimately, the color was really beautiful and I was ready to head out with no mess and no fuss.  A great attribute of this brand is that each tanner only comes in one "color".  There is no need to fumble around trying to figure out which "level" would be best for you.  These tanners adjust to your natural complexion, keeping your overall look very natural and classy.  I loved that I didn't have to fight for intensity, or scrub like crazy to try and lighten it because I applied too much. 
I was introduced to Fake Bake at a past beautypress event and saw the darlings again at IBSNY 2014.  I'd say this is one of the better tanners I've tried and is definitely a product to have on hand for this season.  I can already see myself stocking up!   
Have you tried Fake Bake?  What other prom essentials are you still searching for?

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