Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: Beauty Box 5 March Box

This month's Beauty Box 5 was full of more fabulous goodies, some of which I was really excited for!  It was as if the darlings at Beauty Box 5 had read my mind and knew there were a few items I needed to restock.  Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty box subscription that selects five of the industry's top must have items and delivers them straight to your door.  And as an official member of their review team (woo hoo!), I have the pleasure of receiving a complimentary box each month in exchange for my honest thoughts. 

Swissco's Bath & Body Tools Dual Sided Facial Pad came just in time for summer.  While it's technically designed for use on the face, I found the exfoliating side to bit a bit too harsh for me.  On the flip side, however, it turned out to be ideal for areas like knees or elbows where the skin gets pretty beat up.  This will be good to have on hand when the weather changes and you want to prep skin for shorts and sun dresses.  

Retail: $7.49 7oz
With summer on the brain, the sample of Tree Hut's Shea Body Butter was much appreciated.  Made with certified organic shea butter and natural coconut and lime extracts, it was inevitable that its scent would be mouth watering.  So tropical and sweet!  Since it's a butter, the consistency was incredibly thick and soothing to my dry skin.  A few uses helped to nourish it, and it's perfect to use alongside the scrub pad.  After using the pad to exfoliate skin on the knees/elbows, this serves as a really healthy moisturizer to rejuvenate the skin. 

Retail: $18.99 .29oz
I was really happy to sample Bellapierre's Makeup base.  Not just because I've come to like Bellapierre but because it turned out to be versatile and effective.  It is advertised as both a concealer and an eye shadow primer and since I was running out of my Too Faced primer, I was eager to give it a whirl.  I used my finger to apply it and it seemed a bit stiff at first, but the heat from my finger  melted it.  The texture became creamy and it went on smoothly.  The formula felt light and didn't cause any creasing after I applied the shadow.  I didn't have any blemishes to cover so I dabbed some over my cheeks to help diminish the redness.  The colour was a pretty close match and worked well.  The change was subtle but noticeable when I compared the done up cheek to the not done one.  It softened the unevenness in my cheeks and the blush I applied after stood out more.     
Retail: $15.00 6oz
Also included was H20+ Targeted Care Hand and Nails Cream which was just what I needed!  I love H20 and had just run out of hand cream.  The nice thing about cream is that it is two fold; benefitting both your skin and your nails and cuticles.  I personally found it to have luxe type properties.  The consistency is rich and thick, treating your hands to a spa like experience.  It penetrates skin well and absorbs fast so you don't have to worry about that greasy after feeling.  
Retail: $8.00 5oz
I'm not usually one to hoard away bar soaps, but this was a surprise.  "Kind" from Jane's Pick All Natural Handmade Bar Soap contains orange, tangerine, vanilla and smelled absolutely delicious.  I wasn't expecting too much but once lathered up, the aroma was refreshing and relaxing.  Because the soaps are handmade, each one has its own unique design which gave me a fun DIY idea.  Other scents include Peace, Gentle, Purity, Patience, Joy, Passion and Love and I had the thought to put a few together and use them as bathroom décor.   
Do you subscribe to Beauty Box 5?  Are you interested in it? 

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