Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fragrance Launch: Spadaro "Beso Del Mar"

My first taste of Spadaro Luxury Fragrances was a light whiff of "Sole Nero" and I wondered if it might be a bit more mature then the scents I usually wear.  I half expected the brand's newest launch: Eau De Parfum “Beso Del Mar”® to mirror those thoughts but I couldn't have been more wrong.  Meaning "Kiss of the Sea" this fragrance includes notes of fresh lime and agave with driftwood overtones and it's absolutely stunning. 
Spadaro is a collection of fragrances inspired by the world travels of the brand's founder and alchemist Kim Spadaro. The Eau De Parfum “Beso Del Mar”®  was inspired by the romantic view of the sun setting over the Sea of Cortez.  "The aroma of the cooling breeze brought relief to the bright colored flowers and cooled the warm caramel colored sands.  The scent of the sea romanced me into a night of seduction"- Kim Sparado.       
This scent captures this scene impeccably.  After spritzing it on, my immediate thoughts were that of freshness and spring.  It is airy and sweet, but has a cool, crisp feel to it, marking it my favorite for the new season.  Spadaro is a luxury brand and carries all the luxe qualities.  A few spritzes wore well into the later day, and I loved catching whiffs of it throughout (without reapplying!).  But you can still rest assure is isn't overpowering.  It settled nicely on my skin and I caught nothing less then compliments.  It is soft, feminine and elegant, making it appropriate for any occasion, at any time of day.  I plan to wear this fragrance often, whether it is at the office, or for a night out on the town.  I enjoy this brand because it mixes adventure with sophistication, and the packaging is lovely.  Each scent comes in an Italian glass bottle with an exotic bronze patter on the front that represents the region each fragrance was inspired from.          
Other fragrances include:
Doux Amour- The Passion of Arabian Night
Noche Del Fuego- Your Night Just Caught Fire
Sole Nero- A Mediterranean Escape

The Launch of the NEW Eau De Parfum “Beso Del Mar”® (Kiss of the Sea) along with NEW shower gels, candles and bar soaps add the lifestyle element that Spadaro inspires in all. In addition, the line of sultry and exotic perfume brand Spadaro Luxury fragrances announces its global launch branching out into Russia, Lithuania and The Middle East. This venture comes as the result of the continuous efforts of founder and alchemist Kim Spadaro, who travels for inspiration, finely curating exotic scents reminiscent of her adventures and romances from around the globe.
Eau De Parfum - $95.00
Luxury Shower Gel –$45.00
Luxury Bar Soap – $22.00
Fragrance Candle –$45.00

Spadaro Luxury Fragrances pays it forward by giving a portion of every sale to “The Spadaro Foundation” which reaches out those in greatest need both domestically and globally.  
Have you tried Spadaro fragrances?  Are you interested in trying one?

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